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Memory Lane First Dates Do you remember?

Memory Lane First Date

Both Joe and I lost track of the date. I had a class tonight. I was looking to see when the next class was and saw the date. Came home and asked Joe if he saw the date. We have been busy doing a bizilloin things.

Happy First Date Anniversary!

You guys, I had to go waaay back, two years, to find this photo. Apparently I need to get on that! Joe is home for another week. Fingers crossed a lunch date!

Question, do you remember your first date with your spouse or significant other? Tell us about it in the comments! Joe and I met in downtown Chicago had pancakes, walked and talked for over 6 HOURS! It has been a bunch of years since we have been downtown. We used to stop for pancakes and do the walk each year. I kinda miss it.

However, am really not interested in doing the walk these days. Pancakes are always a good idea though.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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