Hamscher Homestead

Joe has a new Tool, plus big plans for more work.

Joe has a new Tool

Joe has a new Tool

I was happy to have a visitor at the Homestead. Christine and her Mom were able to stop on their way home from Shipshewana. We had a very nice, short visit and dinner. Joe outdid himself with smoked pork. So happy that they could stop. However more about Joe has a new Tool. Trust me lots have been going on. I will admit not by me. Wanna see what he got??

Joe has a new Tool

Here is the first of his new “toys”. With wanting to paint and clean up the house. This is a way to move faster and get it done. He has already cleaned up the side fence, Memorial Garden fence, light posts and Chicken Pen posts. Although the messy jobs are just beginning…

Moving on to the house. We picked up a bunch of stuff. Paint and other misc things. Wanting to remove the shutters became a situation. On both dormers the shutters were full of wasp nests. Joe has to remove the shutters in the dark. Even the next morning they were NOT happy. Third day today and he was able to get up there and clean up the most of it. However, the wasps were still around. But dang if this porch wasn’t gross. Seriously, I working on the bedroom side.

Never did get to the craft room side.

Joe has been working on the railings. I needed to trim some of the plants too close to the railing so that he could power wash those and paint by midweek. Very happy to get this mess cleaned up. You have seen all that I have on the porch. Things are now all over. Shade plants under the oak by the driveway. Decorations in the walking path and along the side fence. Furniture also in those locations.

What a mess!!

Joe has a new Tool

But in between Joe has also been working on a second project. What is your guess? Nope you will have to wait on this one. I am please with the progress so far. More next week?? Fingers crossed.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Poor Junior is lost with all the mess. And I was enjoying a break from prep work.


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