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    Hamscher Homestead the Kitties, lazy kitties.

    Hamscher Homestead the Kitties Ohh lazy, Hamscher Homestead the kitties. I have to say it was a quiet week here on the homestead. See the lazy snuggles that Clyde was in on with Cuddles. Clyde has also decided that he needs snuggles from me every night before dinner. No, it does not matter what I am doing. My lap is where he pushes to be. No, I am not complaining! I had to share this one. Mr. Bigglesworth has been one not to interact with the kittens. Donnie, has been pushes ever so slightly. He has been patient and slowly working on him. Well last week I would say Donnie…

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    Eggs, Chickens and Flowers of course this week.

    Eggs, Chickens and Flowers Another week full of Eggs, Chickens and Flowers of course!! Check out the new green eggs that I have started to get. Holy Cow, is what I said when I found them. I know it it kinda tough to see how dark they are here. I will have to put them with a regular green so that you can really tell. More came today. Yes, it is exciting. Can you believe it, the newest chicks are two months old already. I know it is kinda tough to see all four of them. However, they were BUSY checking out the big pen area on Saturday. NO the…

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    A long Hot week here on the Homestead

    A long Hot week here It sure has been A long Hot week here on the homestead. As you can see this was a cloudy morning, but dang it those Fiesta Hibiscus did not care one bit. A few hours earlier they were open so big that they looked more like umbrellas then in this photo. I will say that it did look soo cool, the way the ruffles curled down. Anyway, pretty none the less. On Friday I was at an amazing leaders conference. However, Clyde was NOT excited about it. As you can see, he was all in the way. I truly am grateful for all that Stampin’…

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    Cuddles Vines Addiction and Critters to explore.

    Cuddles Vines Addiction and Critters This week is about Cuddles Vines Addiction and Critters. Cuddles decided that she wanted to join me at the craft table earlier this week. Just to hang out. However, I do think she liked snoopervising. She was there for a few minutes. I am happy that she is liking being inside more and more. A lot less crying at the door. So, with that last bout of rain. The latest humidity too. This vine has started to produce some flowers. According to my ID app, it is a field pumpkin. However, I am not so sure. thoughts?? I can say whatever it is going to…

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    Lots of Water Cats and Flowers on the Homestead.

    Lots of Water Cats and Flowers This was Wednesday Lots of Water, Cats and Flowers are later in the week. Here Joe and I were heading out to breakfast. Now if you have been here it is super hard for water to puddle in the sand. So this is VERY noteworthy. We both could not believe what we were seeing. Thankful to have this area for fun off, as intended. Joe has been working on sloping the driveway. For just this kind of situation. Although he started working it in the winter. A couple years ago due to some crazy freeze thaw situation. No this is not the pond!! To…

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    Time with Mom is very Important!

    Time with Mom… You guys every day is important, Time with Mom even more so! As you may know, my parents live three is hours away. I miss seeing my mom almost every day. I now take photos every time I get to see her. Mom, I love you! I will admit I miss your silly stories about all the cousins at the lake. I miss talking Grandma and Grandpa. There is so much more. Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Chicks a Bench and Gardening all in one week.

    Chicks a Bench and Gardening Can you believe this weeks is about Chicks a Bench and Gardening. Of course I am going to start with the Chicks. You have not seen too much on them yet. These four little cuties are two Blue Sapphires and two Sillkies. They have had a fun adventure this week. How?? Well, they were getting too big for the little tub that I had them in. So, out to the coop they went. Now do not worry, they are separated from the Big Girls. As you can see they are safe. Joe has yet to remove the winter plywood. Which is a bonus at the…

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    Open Windows and found Grapes just to start.

    Open Windows and found Grapes Yes, it was a slower week with Open Windows and found Grapes. But a surprise at the end. These two are too funny, they were enjoying having the windows open for a couple of days. However, I hate to say, that I did not get by with out getting hit by poison ivy. AGAIN!! I know, no matter how careful. These guys did not mind having me in the house once again. I really hate poison ivy!! It worked out okay though, lots of prep work for the Christmas in July Stamp-a-Stack. Thank you to Korine for that! There are actually two grape vine plants.…

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    Weeds Flowers Weeds and treasures on the homestead.

    Weeds Flowers Weeds and treasures Starting not with Weeds Flowers Weeds and treasures. I wanted to start with this beauty. Here is my Rose of Sharon “bush”. Which is more like a tree, but still. You can see this this photo that there is still TONS of blooms still to come. I have a purple-ish one, however, I think I need to move it. It really is not happy where it is. With all the new trees in the Memorial Garden I think I will put all of those up on the Hill on the north side of the property. That hill needs a summer bloomer. It is where my…

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    Another weeding week and Visitors on the Homestead

    Another weeding week and Visitors A little catch up and Another weeding week and Visitors. Remember I wanted to keep up with those pesky weeds. Well we had fun over on Facebook. I had them time me to see how long it would take to get this bed cleaned back out. After 45 minutes and then the 30 that I added prior this side was all cleaned out. Now moving on to the other side. So this one was a much quicker job. 30 minutes to tell you the truth. However, it was only a small section but all around where the newest flowers where planted. Dontcha love those Milkweeds.…

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    Lettuce Flowers and Furries all on the Homestead.

    Lettuce Flowers and Furries Another week gone but this is what is going on Lettuce Flowers and Furries. The rain behind us a bit of a cool down and back to the humidity. It is the perfect formula for seeds. Imagine my surprise this week with how much these have grown. The petunias are dwarfed by the lettuce this week. I have take a couple little leafs for a sandwich, but need to be a little bit more patient. I saw the buds, but they all opened at once. HOLY COW, right?? They are as big as my hand. This Fiesta Hibiscus is also loving the humidity that has come…

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    Wet week on the Homestead, Still getting things done

    Wet week on the Homestead What a crazy and Wet week on the Homestead. Starting off with this strange find. Joe found this while trying to move around some “soil”, okay it is sand, but it is what I have. This is along our neighbors fence. Look at those beautiful yellow flowers. Yes, it is prickly, but still pretty. Okay so the cactus may not be your cup of tea, that is okay.. Here are few other flowers that are blooming. Lots of petunias. However the gladiolas started to show up. No flower just yet, but will have some before you know it!! They are in the right and left…

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    Update and Shenanigans on the Homestead this week.

    Update and Shenanigans on the Homestead Here is the next Update and Shenanigans on the Homestead. This time I finally finished the last of the seeds I had on hand. Believe it or not I ran out of flower boxes. I even went looking for me. Found zero!! Geez, I was disappointed. ANYWAY, 30 more different seeds planted. Phew, soo many possiblities!! Not to be outdone by the above, Soo many new sprouts up this last week. The humidity sure does help out. Have to admit it was tough keeping the seeds moist on the super hot days though. I know the first photo is coneflowers.. I do not recall…

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    Happy Father’s Day Dad and all the Dad’s.

    Happy Father’s Day Dad. I want to wish Happy Father’s Day Dad, to mine and all the Dad’s out there. No matter biological or not. Thank you for the love good and tough. Thank you for the support, love and assistance you give! Dad, here are a couple of big deals for me… I know you loved Trevor and your assistance was amazing. Another thing which was equally as big was the year of my divorce. The Valentines Day gift from you always meant more then you know. Lastly, I know that taking care of Mom is tough, but we love you and try out best to help you help…

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    Memorial Garden Kitties and Flowers all around.

    Memorial Garden Kitties and Flowers Did you know that for today, a look at the Memorial Garden Kitties and Flowers is what this is going to be about. Starting with the Memorial Garden. Here on the homestead we have a garden that is where you bury our pets. Unfortunately, there are 11 kitties in there. Nine of them are from my house. Two are from my mom. She did not want to move the ashes to Abby and Chloe are now laid to rest there too. Here is the most recent addition. Poor White Sox has not been feeling well. We hoped it was just stress from the addition of…

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    Flowers Kittens and Science Experiments too!!

    Flowers Kittens and Science Experiments I almost missed these Flowers Kittens and Science Experiments. You will not want to miss all the fun… One part is will be something you will want to follow… Fingers crossed that it does not take too long. Starting here with this beautiful Oriental Poppy. I almost missed getting this photo. You know how much I love this poppy. And to say that it has 5 huge flower buds still. Excited, ohhh yes!! These photos are from three different gardens on the homestead. First up is the furthest left. Those little poppies, look familiar?? However, now there are yellow ones. These little cuties are in…

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    Flowers Chickens and more Flowers, all the work.

    Flowers Chickens and more Flowers Sooo many things to share this week starting with Flowers, Chickens and more Flowers. Remember two weeks ago?? I am very happy to report that the seeds have sprouted already!! WoooHOOOO!! Both of the “pots” have actually. I can not wait to see how it all turns out. I did a mix of sunflowers and zinnias here. It sure has been busy around here. Dare I say fun too?? Yes, lots of work but it always look so good when you get through the whole thing. I have been thinking that I needed to go back to my $1 perennial place. However, I saw that…

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    Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone!

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend I am looking forward to this Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Not only to see some family, but to celebrate those that have given so much for the freedoms that we have. I know you guys have heard me talk about my Marine, Trevor. My son retired now, but I have a little (tiny) taste of what it takes to “keep out country free”. I am GRATEFUL for each and every one! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Not much on the Hamscher Homestead this week.

    Not much on the Hamscher Homestead There really was not much on the Hamscher Homestead this week. Yes, I have poison oak AGAIN!! No clue where is came from either. Joe had a touch of it too. And trust me I know what it looks like. I really can say that I HATE it. The doctor told me no going outside this last week. Which adds to my frustration because I have a ton of things to do. One saving grace is that it was just too hot out. I have only been going out early, haha and then in the evening to water. Which has been a must. Even…

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    Baby Party Plants and Weeds for the Homestead.

    Baby Party Plants and Weeds Busy weekend with Baby Party Plants and weeds to fill it all. Here are Parker (L) and Coralyn (R), Ward was sleeping. They turned one in just the last couple weeks. You know it is tough getting 20 people together. Just Saying. These two little cuties were elbow deep in those cakes before you know it!! I did giggle when Coralyn would shake her hand to get some of the frosting off. Every trip to Illinois calls for a photo op with Mom. She enjoyed seeing everyone having fun. Which is super important. She always like hugs and that is what I am all about…

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    Enjoying a beautiful sunny day, on the homestead.

    Enjoying a beautiful sunny day. Bonnie is enjoying a beautiful sunny day on the homestead. We had all the windows open, little breeze. I sure hope that you were able to enjoy the day today. I would say that Bonnie enjoyed it, Although I was working on things, I did too. Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!! Host a party and get extra goodies!

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    Chickens Flowers and Mother’s Day breakfast.

    Chickens Flowers and Mother’s Day This week on the homestead, Chickens Flowers and Mother’s Day breakfast. It really has been too long since we have talked chickens, right?? These girls are now all getting along, as you see here they are loving all the weeds that I pulled on Saturday and today. All the green grass and bugs are always a treat. There are new and old ones (chickens) all mixed up in this photo. On the left is the only Rooster in the coop right now. He was from last years hatch out. He is from Jazz and the black Silkie that I had in the coop. Both are…

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    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all. Are you a people mom, Happy Mother’s Day to all. You could be a fur mom or even a chicken mom… haha. Happy Mother’s Day! Be sure to hug those babies. No matter how big, small or fuzzy. Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!! Monday is the last day to get your $5 box… do not forget the code! HOMERUN0521

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    All about the Kittens, plus a little bit of my helper!!

    All about the kittens. All about the kittens. Yes, these two get a WHOLE post this week. Partly because they have names now and additionally because Logan loves them!! I will say the first two photos are courtesy of Kaitlyn. I about died when I saw these two photos. She did really capture all the cuteness!! I hear you…. AWWWWW!!! Soooo, without further ado… Meet Clyde. He likes to stir the pot and pounce on his sister. So much so that Cuddles has to step in. I am telling you it looks like wrestlemania here. No no one get hurt, but still. She sure is cute… AWWW!! She will be…

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    April Snow Flowering Trees and small buds

    April Snow Flowering Trees No complaining, I did not order up the April Snow, Flowering Trees you bet I did!! I was super excited to capture the snow falling on Wednesday. It really did look pretty. However, I am worried about my Apple trees. Remember a few weeks ago, here. Joe even asked me about the tulips and daffodils. Everything bounced back pretty quickly. The sunshine came and perked up the tulips!! I took these photos on Thursday. The trees looked soo happy! I am grateful that the freeze did not do any damage. Now to fertilize all those beautiful flowers when they bloom. I can almost taste all the…

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    Kittens Mooch Spring Decorations plus so much more…

    Kittens Mooch Spring Decorations Today on the homestead Kittens, Mooch and Spring Decorations. Ohh, there are going to be a lot of awww’s and soo cute on this post for sure! They sure are cute. However, they started getting into just a little bit of trouble this last week. I can say that is really has been fun to watch them explore though. Cuddles goes out to spend time with Junior everyday. It really is the best way to start and end the day after all. These to photos are from last week. He was actually trying to hurry so that they could go for a walk. Yes, that is…

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    Flowers Flowers and Fluff on the Homestead

    Flowers Flowers and Fluff Ohhh soo many, Flowers Flowers and Fluff going on here on the Homestead! These are the very first flowers you see when you pull up the driveway. The hill is covered with them. Love all the different colors too. There are dark pink, light pink and lavender. The Hamscher Homestead has three different Apple Trees. All of them are LOADED with apples. Okay, with possible apples anyway. Holy cow are there a ton of flowers!! The one on the right is the one that Joe “straightened” in the fall. Check out that post, here. Although we have straighten one there is another that Joe says would…

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    Butterfly Beauty Anniversary Card for Joe.

    Butterfly Beauty Anniversary card It has been a week since this Butterfly Beauty Anniversary card was given to Joe. I am happy because it is still sitting on his dresser. Silly I am sure, but still. It is kinda funny because some years the card idea come quick. This year, I kinda struggled. Well, I guess after 11 years it is bound to happen a time or two. Here is where I started… Always butterflies. It is a “thing” for us. Typically there is green and purple. His favorite color and mine. This year it is Granny Apple Green and Highland Heather. I wanted to share last years card but…

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    Ohh kittens getting busy and adventurous too!

    Ohhh kittens getting busy but no you could not tell by this photo. It sure has been fun to watch them play, learn and mimic Cuddles. They have been trying to balance while cleaning their paws. Tonight they started climbing and playing with some of the toys I found in the toy bin. However Mooch and the others have been amused with all this going on. Much sleeping and hanging out in the bed has been happening. They are warming up to the idea, although there has been some hissing in the process. I do sure know how Cuddles feels. She does not always want to just be a sofa,…

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    Chicks and more babies, ohhh my goodness

    Chicks and more babies Can you believe it the Chicks and more babies too. Holy Cow they have gotten soo big. They really need to move outside, but the crazy weather the last few days has me kinda nervous about it. I decided that they will have an adventure on Tuesday and then again on Friday. Friday could be for good. I know I can put the warmer out there, but… it really seems too soon. Plus they have been moving the screen around too. I know I know it is time. I am overprotective and I know it. That comes from loosing a few I guess. Yes, it is…