• 3D Thursday

    Summer Vacation for the 3D Thursday team

    Summer Vacation for the 3D Thursday team Happy Thursday Everyone!! Did you know that we too take a Summer Vacation for the 3D Thursday team?? Well, we sure do. No worries though we will be in September with some more amazing projects for you guys. Hummm, I bet that we come back with a fun blog hop too!! I love blog hops how about you?? Soo many fun ideas to share!! We sure hope that you have an amazing summer and I will be trying to bring in at least one or two 3D projects for you for the summer. Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

  • Hamscher Homestead

    Weekend full of LOTS of plants and green!!

    Weekend full of LOTS of plants Only one photo today… because there are sooo many things to share… it is going to need to be a two parter. The Weekend full of plants and green. So here is the breakdown…. Pulled all the weeds in the Memorial Garden. Yes, ALL of them. Plus I put down the mulch. 54 bags in total. That was over three days. Next up was annuals. Guys I plant lots!! So far this weekend I planted 47 different pots. Some have one several have multiples. Those are for the deck, chicken coop garden and the deck. I still have 14 more to go. Plus I…

  • Hamscher Homestead

    Memorial Day remembering and honoring

    Memorial Day remembering and honoring I hope that everyone has a beautiful weekend. As a Military Mom, I am choosing to be thankful and grateful. This Memorial Day remembering and honoring this that we’re taken too soon. The ultimate sacrifice for me and you. Those men and women that did not get to come back to their families. All I cam say, humbly is… Thank You! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

  • YouTube video

    Red White and Blue themed decor In-Colors

    Red White and Blue themed With this holiday weekend, I wanted to share a bit of the Red White and Blue themed decor that I made over on YouTube. This is a nod to the Red White and Blue of course, Using the 23-25 In-colors for this idea. You know I am not always a traditional kinda girl. The colors used here are Moody Mauve, Pebbled Path and Boho Blue. I sure hope that you enjoy this summer themed decoration. Be sure to say hello and subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you will not miss a thing. Have a Safe Holiday! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting…

  • Stamp Camp/class

    Last Call for the Birthday Stamp-a-Stack

    Last Call for the Birthday Stamp-a-Stack Saturday is the Last Call for the Birthday Stamp-a-Stack. I would love for you to join me in person or online!! You pick from the Earthen Elements DSP or the Remarkably Made DSP. Payments can be made via Zelle, Venmo or PayPal. Reach out with ANY questions. I bet we can figure it out!! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!! Join me for another fun box from Paper Pumpkin. However, you might want to get the coordinating dies too!!

  • 3D Thursday

    Twila 3D Thursday last one until September

    Twila 3D Thursday last one We are heading off to summer break and Twila 3D Thursday is the last one until September. Holy Cow. Where did the time go?? This is a fun and EASY one this week. But soo handy!! See how cute this turned out? Perfect for a decorative glue holder. Ohh but wait it could be something else… Let’s see, gifting some nail polish. How about lotion or even a small sunscreen. I love finding ways to create pretty packaging. The Stylish Shapes and Fresh as a Daisy DSP with the new Lemon Lolly is just soo dang happy. I look forward to being able to share…

  • Stamp Camp/class

    Paper Share Behind the Scenes, all done!

    Paper Share Behind the Scenes Today you get a little peak at all that we do for YOU. These stacks are all about organizing and prepping all these beautiful papers. You know that you get a quarter of a pack of each of the 12 different papers. However, do not forget that one of the packs has 30 sheets. Dang that is a TON of paper in that one pack. Add in 12 more sheets from all of the other 11 packs. I just did the math that is 162 pieces. What could you do with all that paper?? A little peek at these wonderful helpers!! Paula and her sister…

  • Hamscher Homestead

    Chickens Cuteness and Ohh Flowers galore!!

    Chickens Cuteness and Ohh Flowers What a week. So much to get started but where to begin. This week on the Homestead all about Chickens Cuteness and Ohh Flowers galore. Starting of course with the Chicks. All 10 of these little cuties when outside. Do not worry they are separated from the big girls. I have to say though I always see a huge growth spurt after a couple days of sunshine. These guys are following suit. All those little feathered feet running around it is soo funny!! I am also happy to share that there are two roosters in this group!! WoooHooo fingers crossed that they get along. I…

  • Team Meeting

    IWS Shopping Club meeting today, curious?

    IWS Shopping Club meeting I know that you are curious. Curious enough to join us?? No strings attached. The IWS Shopping Club meeting is today. We meet every third Saturday of the month. Here in my large craft room. What exactly is the IWS shopping club. Well, it is a way to get 20% off your purchases AND get to know some Amazing ladies. Here is a bit more. Are you already spending over $100 a month on craft supplies?? Well be honest!! Why not get them at a discount, RIGHT!?! Ask me how to get your discount today!! Or you could join us on the third Saturday to find…

  • Stamp Camp/class

    Birthday Stamp-a-Stack in June, which DSP?

    Birthday Stamp-a-Stack in June Are you running short on birthday cards?? Well, then this is perfect timing. Join me for the Birthday Stamp-a-Stack in June on Saturday the 3rd. When you are done you will have 20 birthday cards. Five of four different deigns. And here is the bonus, you get to pick the Designer Series Paper. The first one is Earthen Elements (on the left) and the second choice is Masterfully Made (on the right). That is of course just the beginning… I would love for you to join me, Let me know if you have any questions! The cost of course would be good to know, ooops!! All…

  • 3D Thursday

    Sarah 3D Sweet Treats with Free Tutorial.

    Sarah 3D Sweet Treats This week is Sarahs turn. She has a fun idea this week. Be sure to check out the Facebook group and leave some love. You are going to love Sarah 3D Sweet Treats. How cute are these?? Sarah 3D Sweet Treats for this weeks FREE tutorial is perfect timing!! Why?? Well it is S’mores season of course!! Here is a great way to gift at least the chocolate part of that yummy ooohy gooey goodness!! So many candy options. This idea could be a great way to share a treat the mailman too. Hummm, there is nothing wrong with a little thank you. I hope that…

  • YouTube video

    Lighting the Way You’re Wonderful-YouTube

    Lighting the Way You’re Wonderful This is the perfect Summer card!! The Lighting the Way You’re Wonderful is from YouTube. Did you miss it?? I bet you are going to want to check it out!! The full list of ALL the items I used is in the description of the video. You know I like to make it VERY convenient!! Making sure to use some new, Lemon Lolly and some old, Old Olive colors. I thought that the Lemon Lolly was was perfect for the Lightening bug “lights or butts” and the light in the lantern. However, for me I first bought this set because of the sentiments. Especially this…

  • Hamscher Homestead

    Trees Porch Flower planting and more!!

    Trees Porch Flower planting I know it is touch to see, however on the top of the Willow tree is our Green Heron. So, happy to see!! This week has been all about Trees Porch Flower planting. With Mother’s Day on Sunday especially!! So let me take a minute to talk about this Heron first. I think it is the fourth year of having one. Last year and the year before we had babies too. Fingers crossed again this year too! Here is more exciting news, both of our Apple trees, Red Delicious and Cartland have little baby apples!! I was not sure with the crazy changes in weather. The…

  • Hamscher Homestead

    Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and You!!

    Happy Mother’s Day I want to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day today!! You know what, it is not easy being a Mom. There is stress, heartache and tears. Do you see them? Not usually. There is also pride, giggles and Joy. I choose to look and remember the good things. I hope you do too!! I have a little story… My mom and I did not always see eye to eye on things. I bet you can relate!! However, no matter my troubles she stood with me. Got mad mind you, but still loved me. All good Moms do that, right?? As the oldest of Six kids. A very…

  • Paper Pumpkin

    Welcome Inn Paper Pumpkin for June addon

    Welcome Inn Paper Pumpkin I have a super fun peek for you today!! Here is what we are looking forward too!! The Welcome Inn Paper Pumpkin for June. However, there is more… I love more!! There is a super cute 3 piece diecut add-on for this one. I want to say… PLEASE HEAR ME!! That this add-on is while supplies last!! And you know how quick the frog one sold out. If you do not know then let me just say it was only a few weeks. I want to be sure that you do not miss out. I will be putting in an order right away so if you…

  • 3D Thursday

    3D Thursday 3 Peek Arrow card from Rick

    3D Thursday 3 Peek Arrow Here we are again, Thursday. This one is cool!! For 3D Thursday 3 Peek Arrow fun fold from Rick. Dang you guys be sure to leave some love over on the Facebook page. Ready?? I can not wait to be able to sit down and make this… Soo cool! Using the Irresistible Blooms suite of goodies. I love this paper!! Soft and very pretty! If you have seen my last couple videos… I am especially loving the Lost Lagoon with the Soft Sea Foam. Very beach vibe to me. Can you tell I am ready for some warm weather AND planting!! Here is a peek…

  • Craft Room

    May Host Code and Papers are coming!!

    May Host Code and Papers Did you know that each month there is a new code?? The May Host Code and Papers are coming… Thankfully!! I love making things easier for you. This can be used to get Girls Night cards, the latest In-Colors or that stamp set that you NOW can not live without!! Finally getting all the retired stuff ready for the BOGO sale June 10 and June 11. Bundles, Stamps, Papers and soo much more. I have to tell you that I am so excited to FINALLY be getting the new DSP…. The racks will be full soon enough. Yes, I will share all the rest of…

  • Hamscher Homestead

    Fur and Feathered Babies Flowers are here!!

    Fur and Feathered Babies Flowers An amazing week here! Today we have Fur and Feathered Babies Flowers are finally getting ready to plant. Here are the fur cuties. I will admit that they are moving around so there is a bit of blur in this photo. However, it is not going to be long for these guys are tearing through the house. They are really getting around. Butterfly is such a great mom. She is super attentive and talks with them all the time!! Here is a fun peek at these feathered babies. There are three different breeds. Two of them have feathered feet. I really love breeds that have…

  • Paper Pumpkin

    Addon for Exploring InColor Paper Pumpkin

    Addon for Exploring InColor Paper Did you know that the May Paper Pumpkin includes the 23-25 In Colors?? Well, there is also an Addon for the Exploring InColor Paper Pumpkin. Do you remember the New Horizon DSP from a little over a year ago?? Yup, if you liked that you are for sure going to want to get this box!! However, you will not want to overlook the Add on either.. Oh dang it is also one that you may want to have to keep in your stash. And really what not, 18 cardbases and coordinating envelopes all for $10. Dang, right?? Dontcha love the colors?? From left to right……

  • Paper Share,  Uncategorized

    Paper and Ribbon Final Days to get a share!!

    Paper and Ribbon Final Days We are down to the last couple days to sign up. The Paper and Ribbon Final Days to get your share of any or all of the three. Here is where you will find ALL the information on… All the links from above include the counts, pricing and names of all that are included!! Although this may not be noted in these posts are that everything is labeled, organized and has an easy to carry case. I have been offering these paper shares for some time. We have perfected it through suggestions and requests. Questions, please ask!! I am happy to answer all of your…

  • 3D Thursday

    3D Thursday Oh Happy Day with free tutorial

    3D Thursday Oh Happy Day Ohh, you guys I am super excited… This week it is my turn!! I have a fun idea using the new Fresh as a Daisy suite of products. The 3D Thursday Oh Happy Day case idea is one you are going to want to put in your stash!! Ready?? Such a happy project!! The Fresh as a Daisy suite is a must have!! Not only with Mother’s Day coming up but with all these amazing flowers we will be seeing SOON!!! Here is a bit of information. I used a Standard Stamp case. Die cut out my shapes for the front. You know that there…

  • Prizes,  Stamp Camp/class

    2023 Butterfly Birthday Bash Prize Winners

    2023 Butterfly Birthday Bash Prize Here is the last 2023 Butterfly Birthday Bash Prize post. The prizes were bundles. Some I bundled and some where actual product bundles. There were blocks, stamps and embossing folders, and three different stamp and die bundles. Here are the lucky winners… Ladies, I hope that you have inked up your new goodies already!! I look forward to seeing what you do with these fun prizes! Hummm, maybe even send me one?? Mark your calendar for the next one day event September 23 for the Ghouls, Gobbles and Garland event. And the next Butterfly Birthday Bash will be Saturday, April 20. I would love for…

  • Hamscher Homestead

    Chicks Kittens and loads of flowers going on

    Chicks Kittens and loads of flowers This last weekend I went to pick up my baby chicks. Ten more bundles of joy brought to the homestead. This week is about Chicks Kittens and loads of flowers. These little cuties are a great addition and much needed. Without a Rooster I can not hatch out my own eggs. Thankful to have a friend that also needed chicks. I was able to get 3 – Faverolle Pullets (girls), 4 – Easter Eggers Pullets and 3 – Mille Fleur straight run. A straight run means that you get what you get, could be all roosters, could be all hens but a mix of…

  • Retreat,  Stamp Camp/class

    2023 Butterfly Birthday Bash Fun peeks

    2023 Butterfly Birthday Bash Fun Guys I love being silly… Life is too dang short!! Let me just say that I had a blast!! The 2023 Butterfly Birthday Bash Fun can not be explained. I love seeing all the beautiful smiles, giggles, dancing and I even shed a tear or two on Saturday. However, don’t be fooled. Things were seriously serious when it came to stamping. I was honored by all my friends joining me in person from Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Tennessee. Here are a few of those smiles I spoke about earlier!! No, I was bummed because I did not get to take photos with EVERYONE. However,…

  • In-Colors

    23-25 In Color Club Pricing 5 months long

    23-25 In Color Club Pricing With less than a week to go for the new annual catalog. Are you ready to join the 23-25 In Color Club Pricing is for 5 months. Yes, there are some additional add ons. Yes, anyone can join the club! Here is what is all included… Each month you will get a color. By the time the five months is over you will have all FIVE of the new In-Colors names above. Each of these is a full pack, full size. And one of the months you get to be a ‘host’. Meaning that you will get to pick some free stuff totaling about $20.…

  • 3D Thursday,  Boxes, Tags and Bags

    Little Monkey Treats from Sherri 3D Thursday

    Little Monkey Treats from Sherri This week for your FREE 3D Thursday tutorial, Little Monkey Treats from Sherri. This new punch bundle is going to be super fun!! Plus with this idea you are getting a peek at one of the new 23-25 In-Colors too. However that monkey is soo stinkin cute!! Be sure to head on over to the 3D Thursday facebook page and leave Sherri some love .. we do greatly appreciate it!! There are three different monkey in this stamp set. Only one punches out. However the unpeeled banana and a heart also can be punched out. I could see this monkey on a baby card or…

  • Boxes, Tags and Bags,  It Started with $1

    Wood Rings Playing in the Rain critters

    Wood Rings Playing in the Rain You know that I love wood rings real or fake. Plus being able to add a few cute little critters to the mix is just fun. Sooo, Wood Rings Playing in the Rain should not be a surprise. How about these for gift tags?? They could also be used in a spring garland too. Want a closer look?? I was excited to add in the cloud punch to these too. Adding the raindrops to add a bit more to the clouds. However, my favorite is the coloring. Grab your Stampin’ Blends in all your favorite colors. I used Calypso Coral, Rich Razzleberry, Soft Succulent.…

  • Hamscher Homestead

    Spring Momma and Babies Science experiment

    Spring Momma and Babies Science I am exhausted, grateful and excited! What a crazy week! The homestead has been popping in more ways then one! The trees are flowering, like this Cleveland Pear. There are more blooms then you can shake a stick at! Holy Cow there are shades of orange, purple, white and yellow. A bit like these…. Tulips, more Daffodils and the Forsythia. I forgot to take a picture of the Redbud. Sooo gorgeous! How is your spring garden looking? Speaking of Popping! We have kittens! Three little cuties and one happy momma! The first photo is the day they were born. The last photo is today! They…

  • Happy Birthday

    Playing in the Rain Happy Birthday set

    Playing in the Rain Happy Birthday Guys how did I not share this set with you sooner!! The Playing in the Rain Happy Birthday Set uses the Playing in the Rain suite and the Biggest Wishes Stamp set. This card and gift bag tag are just what you would need to give the perfect gift. Cough Cough, My birthday is next week. Just Saying!! Isn’t this card a happy one?? Using two different DSP from that suite. I think though my favorite part is the little daisies that have been glued to the ‘Daisy’ DSP and sentiment. The perfect addition AND that glittered ribbon of course!! Plus using all those…