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Destruction Winter Spring Kitty in one week.

Destruction Winter Spring Kitty

Here is the start of the week… Destruction Winter Spring Kitty ALL in one week. Things are sure getting Crazy around here. Do not panic, Joe and I were sitting on the couch one night and were talking about the fireplace. He could not get the parts needed to fix it. We both did not like the stone on it. So out it went. Joe does not like it when I take photos of him working… BUT

You know that I do it anyway. I know that you guys like to see. So does my Dad. It really turned into a HUGE mess. Shocking I know. Now to figure out how to get rid of the concrete stone. However, check out the space now…

I really like it!! Especially since we are getting ready to order some windows… Joe suggested that we add a fourth window. I completely agree. How about you?? Would you add the window??

Winter showed up on Friday Night… Was not here for very long that is for sure… I will say that I was super excited to wake up to the beautiful white stuff and by Saturday afternoon it was pretty much GONE. That part was sad though.

There are signs of spring already. Both tulips and Daffodils are showing signs of wanting to show off. With that being said though, we have snow in the forecast this week. I know that the will be okay, fingers crossed!!

Lastly, Momma, decided that it was more fun to be on top of the chickens instead of next to them. I think she liked being able to see all across the land (her kingdom actually!!)

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