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More Dehydrating and dinner made quickly.

More Dehydrating and dinner made

Another quiet week. Thankful to have seen the sunshine though. Today I am sharing More Dehydrating and dinner made quickly. Joe and I were talking the other day… So I wanted to see what croutons in the dehydrator would be like. I used Olive Oil and a few herbs for flavor. I am happy to report that the croutons turned out perfectly, as far as crunch. However they need more herbs next time. I can fit a regular sized loaf a bread with plenty of room to spare. I bit of tweaking and it will work out perfectly.

Now to work on this batch of croutons so that I can make another and figure out the seasoning part!! They were pretty yummy.

Now, I have to share a little story. Kim and Kendra talked about Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly. I was telling Joe what they were talking about, and boom. That is what we made for dinner this weekend. Joe made his with Grape Jelly and I used homemade Apple. I hate to admit that it was pretty DANG good.

It kinda was like toast, but better with the butter. Yes, butter!! None of that imitation stuff around here.

I hope that you have a GREAT week getting Crafty!! Hugs


  • Kendra F. Heffelman

    I’m glad you tried it. I thought it sounded gross when I first heard of it, but it is delicious.

  • Paula

    Am going to have to try that PBJ grilled sandwich! Not since I was a kid!
    Happy you are getting your money worth out of the dehydrator.

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