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All I can say is Chaos…

The pictures would scare you ….. The craft room is getting completely tossed and the sale items are stacking up… The weather better cooperate, because you do NOT want to miss this!! Paula and Kaitlyn came today to help organize and price stuff. Did you know that for a few things we could not even find them in the catalog?? Well, at the the catalogs that were available. Let us just say….there are a few vintage items!! Some from the beginning of my time with Stampin’ Up! would be my guess. And that goes back ohhh over 15 years. Poor Paula was pulling her hair out. Kaitlyn was sorting and the piles just kept growing. There are still three shelves to go through. So much that we ran out of stickers. No worries picked up some more this afternoon. You guys better be ready!! I am going to bed to start again tomorrow. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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