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No Adulting off to my tent…

I went into my tent to color Saturday, because of the snow. Coffee and Cards was about Kits. This kit is in the annual catalog (pg 9 146388 $35) Lots of Happy. The kit is an all inclusive one…ink, block, stamps, colored pencils and all the supplies for the 5 different designed cards.

I will post the finished product later this week. The only thing that you need is a blender pen (pg 203 102845 $12 for 2) and multi purpose glue (pg 213 110755 $4). (ohhh, with just these items you have spent $50 and you get a FREE item!!)

Please note that in the kit there are two exclusive watercolor pencils included. Ohh, did I also mention that there is a refill (pg 9 145605 $21)?? A refill kits is just the card and match envelope supplies. You already have the ink, block, stamps and colored pencils.

In the photos above are the watercolors used to color in those specific flowers/leaves. Using the blender pen to take out any pencil stroke marks and also to lightly fill in the color.

You will want to be sure to wipe the blender pen off on scrap paper when switching colors like above. This removes any ink left on the tip.

Come join me in the tent!! Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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