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    Buy One Get One is set for this Saturday!!

    Buy One Get One I have been working my fingers to the bone. This Buy One Get One is all set for Saturday. The Sale begins at 1pm central time. Is open to all that are willing to come. I do promise that there is going to be plenty of shenanigans and muffin cookies. Here is how the BOGO sale works… You come and find treasures from yesteryear and get some items from your current wish list too. Whatever you find in retired you get equal or greater in NEW annual catalog or online exclusives. There are soo many possibilities. In case you need a reminder that there is a…

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    May Host Code and Papers are coming!!

    May Host Code and Papers Did you know that each month there is a new code?? The May Host Code and Papers are coming… Thankfully!! I love making things easier for you. This can be used to get Girls Night cards, the latest In-Colors or that stamp set that you NOW can not live without!! Finally getting all the retired stuff ready for the BOGO sale June 10 and June 11. Bundles, Stamps, Papers and soo much more. I have to tell you that I am so excited to FINALLY be getting the new DSP…. The racks will be full soon enough. Yes, I will share all the rest of…

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    Craft Room juggling and cleaning, cleaning!

    Craft Room juggling and cleaning Guys, I have been working on some things the last three days. Craft Room juggling and cleaning! Let me just say I NEED more room! I am not done yet! However, you know that I will share. I have been formulating this in my head for a while now. What is toughest part? Trying to figure out what I can live without in the room. Curious what it is going to look like when I am done… Yeah, me too! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    I too choose to Keep Smiling no matter what.

    I too choose to Keep Smiling I found this today and felt that maybe someone else needed to read it too. Would you agree, that smiling is a choice?? I have been through lots of things. Some small and some not so much. However, I too choose to Keep Smiling. It really is a choice. Goodness knows that times can be tough. And we have loads of choices. This is one that I will pick EVERY time. When I read this, you know what it was a light bulb. Because one day they all will get tired of trying to beat you down. But how about this for some perspective……

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    Happy New Year 2023 is going to be AMAZING!!

    Happy New Year 2023 Hello and Happy New Year 2023 is going to be AMAZING!! Why?? Because I have fun, shenanigans and laughs planned for you. I look forward to spending time either online or in person with you. Hopefully both!! Starting with Mystery Card Night on Sunday night. However, I understand that holidays are for family. That always is the most important thing. Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Change to the December 2022 Ding Dong Ditch

    Change to the December 2022 I need to make a Change to the December 2022 Ding Dong Ditch. Still using the Biggest Wish, and opal rounds. However, I am changing the DSP from the Subtles to the 2022-2024 In-Color DSP pack. Nothing else changes. All the pricing is the same, thankfully. I will be sharing samples on my last Wednesday Night class of the year, Tonight. I hope you can join me tonight for our facebook live that starts at 6:30 pm. This is our only peek at the January Paper Pumpkin kit. I also know that there is an addon for this kit. So if you want to do…

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    Winter Reminds Us to be Calm and Breathe

    Winter Reminds Us to be Calm I sit here in my kitchen and look at all the decorations. I was thinking of something that Joe said. After seeing all the orange decorations, for months. He was waiting for the rest of the Christmas. To me I like the calmness of the greens. Yes, the lights are bright. However they are not the same. Then I saw this… Winter Reminds Us to be Calm. Paraphrasing yes, but some quiet and calm is good for the soul and the mind. I think that is why I love walking in the winter. Yes, it is cold. But the quiet of the snow and…

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    No one can pour from an empty cup, no one!

    No one can pour We all need reminders! My dad reminded me a few weeks back for Joe and I to take a day and have some fun. No one can pour from an empty cup. We ALL need to take a break, get away or take a breath. There are times a day of fun out is all you need. There are times that a walk outside in the sunshine. However, there are times that a weekend is needed. Although I strive to help fill your cup. We all need to take a minute and breath. Know that I will keep doing my best to fill your crafty cup.…

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    Focus on a Happy Life instead of a perfect one.

    Focus on a Happy Life instead I am not sure who needs to hear this, but I sure did. Focus on a Happy Life instead of a perfect one. I know that I am FAR from perfect. No one really is. We all have S-H-I-T going on, right?? Some is big some is not. But trust me when I say that there is always something to be thankful for… Each and Every Day!! There have been days that I wonder if this is true…. but it is. Stop, think and you will find something that was good that day. I hope that you can find it each day too!! It…

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    Several end of September reminders.

    Several end of September reminders Here are several end of September reminders for you! Starting with the early bird pricing for the Ghouls, Gobbles and Garland one day fall retreat. Did you miss all the information? Check this out! Please if you have any questions let me know! Comment here, email or call me! I would love for you to join us on Saturday, October 22! September Ding Dong Ditch I do not know how I have not shared this! Here is what you need to know! Featuring the Storybook Gnomes DSP and coordinating embellishments. Cost is $17.00 with $3.00 shipping cost. You get four card ideas and loads of…

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    Live Your Life Like it Matters, each and everyday.

    Live Your Life Like it Matters I am here to share some Sunday Inspiration today. I made this sign several years ago. However, it is still something that applies today. It really made me think about how I do things. Stop and think about that a minute. When was the last time that YOU lived life like it mattered?? Seriously!! This is something that we need to think about. Strive for and help others to life life to the fullest. I am here to tell you that I can help you with that too. Let me know!! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Look for something Positive each day!

    Look for something Positive I don’t know about you but with the days getting shorter… we need to Look for the something Positive! I try to keep this in mind each day! To me it kinda goes with a grateful heart. I think that we collectively can change the world. One positive action at a time. What do I mean? Things like this are contagious. Kind of like a smile. When we focus more on positive, our mind sees more positives! Yes, the challenges make us stronger. There is value in those days that are a challenge. But a conscious choice to see and be positive. That can be a…

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    Sunday Inspiration from my Heart to yours

    Sunday Inspiration from my Heart I send hugs to you. This Sunday Inspiration from my Heart. I know that we all want to be SOMEBODY. I am guilty of this too. Keep this in mind, that you bringing a smile to someone else is an inspiration. There are times that I need to remind myself that bringing that smile is more important! More loving and I am somebody because of you. The smile that you bring to my face. The happiness and encouragement we given each other. That makes you SOMEBODY! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Sunday Funnies Eye Roll, Not out loud!

    Sunday Funnies Eye Roll With tomorrow being Monday and all, I figured that a small reminder was needed. Sunday Funnies Eye Roll was meant to bring a smile on your face. Which I hope you did. However, with that being said you really do NOT want to do this out loud. I have been know to do this. So I am speaking from experience. I hope that you have a wonderful week. I will see you on Wednesday night for Class. Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Are you ready to BOGO? I am all ready to go!

    Are you ready to BOGO? I am soo excited, but … Are you ready to BOGO? All the goodies are out! Priced and ready for their new homes. I sure am looking forward to the smiling happy faces when you find a new treasure! Just a couple quick reminders… Cash, check or credit card all are wonderful. I am an equal opportunity spender! You will want to bring a list of things that you want from the two current catalogs. Do not forget which of the Sale-a-Bration items you can not live without! Bring a friend… I have lots of inspiration in the room. Yes, I have the August to…

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    Storybook Gnomes Creative Escape Full Display

    Storybook Gnomes Creative Escape I had so much fun last weekend in Wisconsin. Although, I did a full display using Storybook Gnomes Creative Escape event. I did have loads of fun with the 3D ideas and fun folds! ohhh holy cow the fun folds. I did do a couple of simple stamping too. I loved all the variety. No not just Christmas. I did spring, fall and even a bit of summer too. In every display, I always try and feature all the stamps, dies and DSP. If you look really close above the stamps are the four colors of embellishments too. Look at al those coordinating colors. Holy Cow,…

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    BOGO sale all the information you need/want.

    BOGO Sale all the information It is that time of year.. lots going on and here I am adding in this. Yes, the BOGO Sale all the information it is all here! There are loads and boxes and bundles .. ohh my! Some very old and some not so much. Did you miss out on something from the last mini catalog and have seen me use it? Well, you might be in luck! There are no promises because there are some that I have decided to keep. The perfect example is the Swallowtail stamp. From long long ago. It is in my keep stash. I am sure you are not…

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    Sunday Funnies.. Thanks Maxine!

    Sunday Funnies Thanks Maxine. This Sunday Funnies Thanks Maxine, spoke to me on many levels. However Sherri and Kim are the big trouble makers with the Ice Cream. I can honestly say that there is none in my freezer. I will say that I love the idea of this however! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Girls Night or Mystery Card Night, coming SOON!

    Girls Night or Mystery Card This week is Girls Night or Mystery Card Night is next week. Will you be joining both of these? I hope so! Girls Night is Friday at 6pm central, but also online on July 13. We always make birthday cards. Mystery Card Night is online only and we will go live on Friday July 8 at 7pm. However, the shenanigans start on Wednesday evening with this months theme clues…. Are you Brave enough? We have loads of fun. Learn something new at both events. Questions? Contact me or comment here! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Happy Sunday and Sunday Funnies, well kinda.

    Happy Sunday and Sunday Funnies Well, after my fun week with friends, all I can say is… This is where and what I want to be doing every weekend. If you are also in need of some of this. Call me!! I have the wood and fire ready to go. If you are in need of some relaxing coffee on the front porch? Yup, call me!! I am even up for a short cruise, to the ice cream parlor, and the radio playing. I hope that you do actually call me, we can forget about all the BS (sorry, but) in the world and chill out. Hugs and Have a…

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    June is almost over, holy cow. Month end reminders.

    June is almost over Can you believe that June is almost over. Seriously, there is only one week left. With all the fun we have been having in this heat, YUK!! All I have to say is it is the perfect excuse to stay in and craft!! In the air conditioning of course!! Although that is not what I have been doing, how about you?? How about the June Ding Dong Ditch to get you motivated?? Did you see all the great stuff for that?? Just a quick recap… You will get 1/4 pack of DSP, Cardstock and 1/2 pack of embellishments. All for $15. Ohh, and you get instructions…

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    Have you ordered yet? What… Why not??

    Have YOU ordered yet?? The née 2022-2023 Annual Catalog is live! Have you ordered yet?? Ohhh my I had a list a mile long! I bet you did too! All those beautiful new In-Colors… the new DSP, I hope you are getting your share of the Paper Share. New Stamps, embossing folders and dies… Ohhh my! If your list is long, like mine! Know that there is a joining special that includes $65 worth of new In-Color items on top of the already amazing $125 worth of goodies YOU get to pick! Let me also add, FREE SHIPPING! WoooHooo! I wonder, do you have any questions?? Reach out! Let me…

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    Thank You for all the Birthday wishes, it was great!

    Thank You for all the Birthday wishes What a great day…. Thank You for all the Birthday wishes! Let me tell you all the Shenanigans I had today! Joe came home from working midnights and took me to breakfast. We sat and enjoyed french toast, coffee and my favorite waitress. However, while on our way to breakfast I remembered that I needed to renew my drivers license. So after having some fun with my Pumpkin Whispers… a Paper Club ladies, that was next on my list. Out to the truck to do that and run back to Knox for my nail appointment, I needed a repair. I came home to…

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    Your Shenanigan Coordinator here, did you know…

    Your Shenanigan Coordinator here I feel it is my responsibility to share… not only a HUGE thank you to my Inky Whisper Sisters team but to you my customers/supporters. I was soo lucky to get this invite to a Stampin’ Up! Leader only event! this is where Your Shenanigan Coordinator here, will learn MORE Shenanigans! Haha! Thank you everyone! I will be hanging out and finishing up prep work for the Butterfly Birthday Bash on my little Birthday! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!