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    Craft Room work and a poor sick kitty.

    I had some help from Logan today! We did a bunch of cleaning dusting and reorganizing! Logan’s Mom sat by and just supervised us… haha. Thank you guys for ALL your help today. I think it ended up pretty darn great!! Added to the BOGO pile, which is ALWAYS a good thing, right?? Still more to do, but I am exhausted! Besides… Gabby was not feeling very good again today… She wanted to snuggle tonight. SOOOO, I made a point of staying put to be sure that she got what she needed! I hope you don’t mind… Have a good night! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Did the brown truck falls in a puddle?? YIKES!!

    Brown truck falls in a Puddle? Joe grabbed the box when it pulled up. The driver saw all the duck tape and shrugged his shoulders and handed it off. My hands were tie up so a Joe started to open it. What did we find?? Yup, all wet. Did the whole brown truck fall in a puddle or just this? The only thing holding this thing together was that duck tape. Making sure to document all of this for my wonderful customer service department. Did you know that Stampin’ Up! has an amazing customer service department? All I did was call, tell them what happened and forward the photos. My…

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    2020 Annual Paper Share… sorry will be busy all day!

    It is almost all here… The 2020 Annual Paper Share is in the Studio. So like a little busy bee, Paula and I are working our fingers to the bone to get it all … together for YOU!! You know that it will be packaged and labeled. You also know that it will be in a organized, but did you know that it will be in a box too?? I have created and completed a cute box. Stay tuned to see that… soon!! Some how you missed out on this opportunity? If you know a couple friends that would like get in with you…. I will do the cutting and…

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    BOGO sale information at Flutter by Studio.

    BOGO sale information… Are you ready for the BOGO sale at Flutter by Studio?? Things are stacking up around here and goodness knows I really need to make room for all these new goodies!! ~~Here is some basic information… You are purchasing retired products including tax and shipping. You will be getting NEW, yes NEW products from the NEW annual catalog. So you will want to be sure to bring your list!! I do take credit cards for payments. ~~How am I running this…. You MUST set up a time to come in person. I want to keep every one safe so I am limiting the number in the studio…

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    Prize winner, all the smiles and laughter.

    Holly was able to join us last night. Our world traveler was able to join us last night… We sure did have a bunch of fun!! Laughing, stamping and laughing some more. Do you see that Cute Fruit stamp set?? Korine, don’t be mad we used the zebras too… THANK YOU! Not really wanting to do anything but fun cards. Why, because it just has been too long since we have stamped together. It would just not be possible to concentrate. haha I am going to throw myself under the bus however… I offered a prize was to whomever could find my shammy. It has been missing for DAYS it…

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    All squeaky clean for Girl’s Night!

    Lots of Prep work!! Soo much to do… Busy day!! I wanted to jump for joy today.. Friday it is finally here!! WoooHoooo! The first “in person” class since March 21! Too many days to count! And dare I say we all NEEDED it! I wanted to be sure that my guests felt comfortable. I want them to come back and bring friends too. Come and join us in August for the next Girl’s Night! We have so much fun and it is really a super chill kinda night! This is really one of my favorite events each month. We always make birthday cards! We always laugh! I make popcorn…

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    Planning… I can not wait

    Lots going on… After Coffee and Cards today, I sat down and worked in some classes… Are you ready for some in person classes yet? All I know is that I sure do miss seeing you guys IN PERSON! I think I have a plan figured out…. still working a few things out. Sooo, be on the lookout for a schedule coming very soon! Are you embracing today?? I sure hope so! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    DDD, PP and AC

    You should have gotten a reminder email for this class on Wednesday. Are you not sure what this is about, please contact me directly!! Here is your sneak peak of the June Paper Pumpkin, did you miss the bottom of Monday’s post?? Sara, the SU CEO, helped to design this upcoming kit! I have a little insider info… you are going to want to get this box FOR SURE!! There is an additional idea that you will want to do with this kit!! Nope, that is all I am going to say!! For those that guessed, this box is the new Annual Catalogs. Are you ready to get your first…

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    April It Started with …

    Here is where I left you yesterday… I am going to be SUPER honest…. Truly, I was stumped! I know it was a crazy day yesterday. I spent most of the day on the computer. However, I learned a bunch of new things!! After all was said and done, I was tired and overwhelmed. Could that have been it?? Apparently NOT! This sign was sitting in front of me for at least a week…. not one idea. Where was my mojo hiding?? I headed back to the craft table and pulled out the Stampin’ Blends. That was certainly working. hummm Wait until you see!! Paula, you have no idea how…

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    Two last from the bits and pieces container…

    What is the count?? I will have to go back and look… but let’s start here… The ribbon and retired die cut was in the container. First I layered the Crushed Curry die cut on Daffodil Delight. How did I get it to match up?? I went old school… That is correct, I traced it with a pencil. However not just some fancy pencil. The ones that you actually have to sharpen. haha certain to be careful and get every little curve. Grabbed the scissors and FUSSY CUT! Secondly, this one used the piece that was NOT picked on Coffee and Cards. Along with the little scrap left over from…

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    More from the bits and pieces

    Believe it or not… Here is more cards from all those bits and pieces… However, I am getting down to the parts that do not want to go together. I am thinking that that there are only two or three more. We will see tomorrow. Ohhh, yes I did!! I know you can see that shimmer on that Poppy. The shimmer paint spritzer, of course. No NO need for an intervention. I promise!! Similarly, did you notice the “ribbon stack” used for a background?? How?? VersaMark added to any color cardstock, picks up the color! Note: that blue twine… Left over from our science experiments. Died Ribbon Looking for your…

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    Happy Treats

    Fun treats with a bonus!! The bonus is the extra pair of gloves. The Treat is candy!! These super cute Snowmen are perfect for the nieces and nephews for just a small treat. ALL of the faces are different because just like a snowflake no snowman is exactly the same!! However, if you are not comfortable doing the mouth by hand, the trio punch has the perfect mouth size ovals. The Chalk marker is just one way to make the eyes, I chose to use the shimmer paint. I owe a huge thank you to my friend Selene, a stampin’ sister, for this SUPER CUTE idea! In addition to her…

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    2020 Spring Paper Share

    2019 is almost over, YIKES! 2020 then brings a new mini catalog. What does a new catalog mean? Yup, Paper Share! With 7 new papers a little of each is a great way to start. How about a 6 x 6 of each of these… From My Heart (151189) Parisian Blooms (151192) Peaceful Poppies (151324) Birthday Bonanza (151312) Tropical Oasis (151252) Country Club (151314) Best Dressed (151319) $25.50 for a share. If you would like to get a share contact me by January 3. Ohhh, that’s Girl’s Night. Join us for some fun! My catalogs, should be here sometime next week. Contact me for yours. Or you can wait until…

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    2019 Cyber Monday

    I am soo excited for this! Here is how this is going to work, place an order Monday using the current host code 3RKZJQGX. You will then you get all of this years tutorials and the ones for December! If you have ANY questions, please let me know! The shop link is located at the top of the page. There is ALSO, a second thing! A secret gift will be sent by me to you via snail mail. THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING ME AS YOUR DEMONSTRATOR! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Today I did some cleaning…

    Do you have a Tree that is refusing to let go?? Both of the homestead Cleveland Pears still have all the leaves on them. The birds are happy for the shelter. Several of the oak trees too. The third Thursday of each month is Team meeting night. Apparently this black and white kitty wants to join the team! What do you thing team?? Should it become an Inky Whisper Sister?? Under this rack it has been driving me CRAZY!! (short trip, but..) See the mess, picture all the way to the left. CRAZY!! While shopping with Kaitlyn a couple weeks ago. I found this 6 cubbie shelf. I have to…

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    Pen Pals

    I was so excited and honored to receive this beautiful card. This is from Wendy, she lives in Australia. We met last year in Orlando, Florida. You guessed it through Stampin’ Up! It has been a year since I have seen her, but this is how we keep in touch. Thankful for my friend! I am especially thankful that Stampin’ Up has these amazing events to meet all of these WONDERFUL people in person. Social Media is awesome, and a great way to touch base. However, getting time to chat and craft together. AMAZING!! Want to find out more about what is going on this weekend?? Check Facebook and Instagram…

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    Ordered recently??

    If you have ordered recently, then I have your orders here. Some from the Flash Sale, the last In-Color Club and YES, the Christmas Countdown Kits have arrived!! I will be contacting you about arranging pickups and/or drop offs. However, if you want/need to visit, I am here in the crafty room lonely!! With the Winter Sampler this weekend, I know that some of you will be here for that, I will have your items waiting for you. Happy Thursday!! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    All about the kitties…

    Mooch would say the best part of this last week was that the windows where open. I would agree, a beautiful breeze and sunshine helps the mood for sure! Here is Mooch taking in some rays old man style!! White Sox would agree with Mooch, now. The leaking water fountain was down for “repairs”. However, the parts were ordered and arrived before the weekend. White Sox was grateful. In conclusion, Miss Penelope, over worked, decided that she needed a rest from her #snoopervisor position. I had to laugh because she is still in the box this evening. Paula, you worked her too hard today! I wonder what antics will happen…

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    Getting Ready

    Worked on getting ready for the BOGO Sale… I am super excited to find new homes for all my retired goodies… Are you ready?? Here is the only sneak peek that you are going to get… there are a TON of … Stamps Ink/markers/refills Punches Dies Embossing Folders Designer Series Paper Cardstock Ribbon Past Paper Pumpkins Kits Misc Plus there are a ton of cards and Projects to see in person. Class sign lists for August and September. The 4H fair still will be back home too! Phew…. Just too much to list… Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Who is ready to BOGO?

    Time is getting closer… Are you ready for Saturday?? Is your list ready?? Do you have a budget?? Are you in need of a catalog?? Need my address?? I have been working on a few samples. So, stop by see what retired goodies I have that you NEED! Stephanie is making come cookies for us! The A/C is on and the kitties are in need of a pet or two. Questions?? please contact me…. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Love What you do w/polka dots

    Saturday, check in for the Starke County 4H Fair…. You might just see one of these. You have a chance to win a FREE class pass from the Starke County Chamber booth. They also have several cards to win. Take a chance and spin the wheel!! I also have 3 entries in the Open Class, as a professional, one you have seen the other two you have not…. Stop by and see how I did… I will keep you posted after I find out… Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Busy Busy … all day

    Today was all about you…. Getting you catalogs, paper share, ribbon share and In-Color Club information. Please, if you have questions, let me know. Remember yesterdays post?? click link here. There are a few more things you may want to check out… pg 160 Storage Solutions pg 165 Designer Series Paper list starts pg 174-175 Ribbon easier to see pg179 Coloring Tools pg 202 All Inclusive kits Still a ton of stuff to point out. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    2019-2020 Annual Catalog

    YEAH, our new catalog is live and all of the items are available. Have you started your list yet?? Have you gotten your catalog yet?? Leave a comment if you still need your catalog… tomorrow is delivery day for me, you will be added to my route. Let’s take a couple minutes to point out a few things. First… There is a Bundle Index. Starts on page 4 and all the way through page 11. Kinda excited to say there are 30 bundles in this catalog. Note that in this index it gives the page number for that bundle AND item, price with picture. Pick a bundle. Daisy Lane (pg…

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    Lots of tidbits…

    Come check out some of the new products, colors and fingers crossed even get your catalog. There will be two cards to make for $10 or free with your order. If you place an order over $75 there will also be some GREAT card recipes based on new items from our new book. Are you looking for some fun girl time?? A way to get your hands on some product for FREE. I am looking for a few fun loving people to host a party. Dates available for then end of June and July! If you have not heard retiring items have been discounted … WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. You will…

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    The poor UPS man

    Question, do you have to same UPS man?? or a different one each time? Lately they have all been different. My delivery driver has made a few stops this week… hahaha Do you treat your UPS person?? if so with what? When we had the same person all the time I sure did. Hummm, what to do what to do… Check back tomorrow to see what happened at our team meeting… Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    2019-2020 Annual Catalog

    If you have not seen the cover for the 2019-2020 annual catalog, she is Soo pretty! Some fun changes too!! Bonus categories and bigger pictures too! Have you ordered in the last 6 months?? If you have placed a $50 order with me in that time frame you will get a FREE annual catalog. You must send me an email that you want one. Reminder.. my April Sale-a-Bration Sale started today!! These count too!! Hurry do not delay!! Watch for Paper AND Ribbon Share information coming soon!! Have a Great Day getting Craft!!