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On the Homestead…

To tell a little more about me… My amazing hubby and I live on 18 acres… as you can see in the background of this picture… there are huge old oak trees. The kitties in this shot are Mr Bigglesworth on the left and Mooch on the right. Mr B, for short, is the newest member of our four legged critter family. He was an outside cat that had enough of the life. Mooch has befriended him and they like to hang out on the back of the sofa watching and listening to the birds. Here we are 7 days into May and there are several tulips blooming … they look so happy don’t they?? These beauties are located by the chicken coop…. more on them later. Trust me they are well fertilized… I am excited to say that dark green leaf in the background on the left are peonies and they have SEVERAL buds and should be a stunner pretty soon! I hope you enjoyed today’s post .. Look for more of these posts on Mondays. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!

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