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More Babies

After a little shopping spree at a swap meet … these four cuties joined the Homestead. White one is a Silkie, Upper left is a Cochin, middle is a Cochin and the right one (red/orange) is a Fleur. They are outside separated from the Big girls until they get just a little bigger…. a few weeks. I will be taking suggestions for names of these fancy ladies (at least it is believed they are hens), but want to find a fun way too… maybe a contest or something like that…. The Mom and three babies will be ready to head outside to take over this space, in a few weeks. I am sad to say that I believe two of this group are roosters and will not be able to stay. Already have two roosters… they tend to fight when there are to many. That single chick that hatched last week, happily has a few friends and only time will tell what all of those are….. Chicken crazy around here right now. Hope you enjoyed the update…… Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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