Paper Pumpkin

Facebook changes Paper Pumpkin lives…

Facebook changes Paper Pumpkin

Guys there are a bunch of price changes coming our way. Shocking, right?? Plus there are Facebook changes Paper Pumpkin lives will be moving too. With all of these changes be sure to check out my blog so that I can keep you up to date. First… the price of Paper Pumpkin is going up $1.50 a month. However, you could take advantage of the PrePaid subscriptions and save. This will also qualify you for rewards if you get a little more than a six months subscription.

As you may or may not know, facebook is not allowing third party apps, like the one I use for my videos, to be used in groups. There is no explanation why. So I will be moving all of my Paper Pumpkin lives to my youtube channel. I am starting this next week, Wednesday, March 27 at 10:30 central time. And should continue every other week after that. The only change is the channel. I sure hope that you will join me next week!!

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