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…Yes, we have apples and kitties

Yesterday I showed this picture… We have a red delicious apple tree that is about 6 1/2 to 7 feet tall. 8 main limbs.. Let’s put all this into perspective. this is a large galvanized tub, the Ball jar is a quart. That is a ton of apples…. from our small little tree. Even the size of the apples is HUGE. So far, I have made a double batch of Apple Pie jam and a sugar free version of this for my dad. Yes, there are still a load of apples left. I have apple plum jam prepped and ready to cook. I will try my hand at apple butter this year too, I think. The rest will turn into apple pie filling and be saved for the holidays. That doesn’t sound life much right?? Well there was a walk to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s (this hits close to home for us). There was the Four Demonstrator Stamp camp, The crazy, ever changing work schedule for me and my poor Husband. My Aunt, from Florida, was here for a week, and the family had a get together while she was here. That is just a 6 hour drive back and forth for me (did this for the walk too). And lastly but most frustrating, my husband’s union is in contract negotiations and has already voted and approved a strike. Fingers crossed this is not necessary. But lets talk Kitties…. this sleeping beauty is Penelope… she is a typical house cat except she started life as an outdoor cat and mom. She now lives the mostly good life in the craft room. She has no desire to deal with White Sox and Gaelic. Who can blame her, hahah Mooch, he is the boss of the house. He was Joe’s first kitty in our house and he pretty much gets anything he wants. He supervises cooking and is the official taster! His story you ask…. Joe and his dad found him outside… he used to “Mooch” slim jim’s and chocolate milk from Joe. Joe’s dad would pull out the saw and he would be right there to help supervise… see the pattern?? Stop by next week where you can meet some more of the critters on the homestead. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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