Hamscher Homestead

Working Snow new Snoopervisor on the Homestead

Working Snow new Snoopervisor

Working Snow new Snoopervisor

Joe Working, Snow, new Snoopervisor all on the Homestead. No, we have not decided what to do with that light yet. However, Joe was able to seal up that ceiling above the cabinets this last week. Ohhh you bet I was excited! Not only that but the electrical is complete with means that the wall has a coat of primer too. Although we have not decided what color we are going to paint. hummm, I like the thought of neutral wall, but sounds kinda boring too. I need some more time to think about it.

Hamscher Homestead

Maybe I will think on that while enjoying a double batch of popcorn. Joe and I have been eating A LOT of it lately. It would not be bad, but when Joe makes it he does a double batch of caramel corn. Yummy to eat, but …


Finally we got some good snow. If you do not like it, that is okay. I DO!! Yes, I had to shovel. And you know that I had animals to tend. No matter. I was even going ot shovel for the neighbor, but another neighbor beat me to it. The snow really did not even stop well into the evening here on Sunday. Yes, I am also hoping that is sticks around for a bit. The last snow was hardly even noteworthy here. No worries, the bird feeders were filled prior to the storm. The kitties has warm places and the chicken’s pen was shoveled too.

Working Snow new Snoopervisor

My newest Snoopervisor.

She wanted me to know that I really did not do a very good job getting the snow from her tree house and walking path. Ohh Cuddles just loved running around in the snow with me yesterday. Her new nickname is Snow Princess. Trust me she was covered by the time I was through. No she did it. I could tell she was having fun.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Working Snow new Snoopervisor

Even as tired as this old man was, he wanted me to remind you that the Live will be moved this week to Wednesday at 6:30 central time.

Girl's Night 1st Friday

Are you joining us this Friday night for fun and birthday cards??


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