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Working on more color here on the Homestead.

Working on more color

Working on more color

Hello there everyone!! I took this while I was picking Mulberries. Yes, we have a Mulberry tree on the homestead. I have them patiently waiting for Joe to be off so that we can enjoy them. Possibly thinking either in pancakes or even some fresh muffins. I hope that you had another great week. It has been CRAZY busy here! Working on more color AND…

I was so thankful to have Kendra, a friend from Illinois and fellow gardener, come to visit. With her visit we had PLENTY of shenanigans and a little bit of work. Seriously!! We spent the morning and early afternoon on Friday working on this project. No it is not done. However, it is closer!! Besides look how happy those onions are!! That is a 30 foot row and it is almost full! Kendra had suggested to save boxes. Hello Amazon, haha. So Yes, I did. You also know that Stampin’ Up! boxes are pretty familiar around here. Now to get the rest finishes. Ohhhh but wait…

Two things other things I wanted to do on Sunday is get another row down in the big garden AND find the asparagus. I would say that both were accomplished, fantastically!! I love the before and after however, I forgot to take one in the asparagus bed. OOps! Although I did remember after the zinnia row. They are super happy now. I can not wait until they start to bloom. Ohhh, speaking of blooms…

With so many blooms it was hard to pick.

I wanted a different colors this week. From left to right… Lily, Phlox and Strawflower. All in different areas of the yard. the lily is over by the burn barrel. I think I might need to move that. It is too pretty to be over there alone.

Here was today’s project. I cleaned off almost everything and started over. Although it similar to past years. I needed to be strategic so that I do not have to move things with every windy day AND storm. In this after I still needed to pick up a couple more annuals. That is now done and will be planted along with some other things in the morning. Have you done any planting this year??

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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