Winter prep Chickens and Snoopervising this week

Winter Prep Chickens and Snoopervising

This last week was Winter prep Chickens and Snoopervising of course. The above image is for sure what we are getting ready for, Snow. Knowing that it was coming there were several things that needed to be done.

Starting with the chicken coop. Trust me it was a mess. A whole loader full of chicken fertilizer. And fertilizer needs to be spread around. I typically start with the evergreens and go from there. Ending of course in the veggie garden. Then moving on to adding clean sand and pine shavings. Remembering the struggles I had last winter with the pen door that too needed some work.


Well, making sure that the door could swing open easily was first. Cuddles has not evicted all the voles yet. So digging some of that mess up was done. Moving on to the inside of the pen… I moved some of that “sand” away from the doorway and the edge of the coop ramp. Hopefully that will make things easier for both me and the birds.

Snoopervisor Alert

Yes, she was out making sure all the chickens were where they were supposed to be. Cuddles also decided to check on my progress several times. I laughed when I found her inside the coop. Apparently she designated herself foreman on this job. WHATEVER!

Lastly, Penelope has been taking a few liberties in the snoopervising role once again. Clyde however did not understand that SHE was actually the “boss” on this job site. I did enjoy seeing her in the studio again. It has been too long!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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