Craft Room,  Hamscher Homestead

Whole lot of Homestead going on.

Whole lot of Homeastead

Whole lot of Homestead.

You know that there is always a whole lot of Homestead going on each week. However this week… DANG!! Joe is home and I am still in the kitchen typing up this post. How do you like my view?? This Cleveland Pear looked like it was on fire about a day later. I really do love fall and all the colors. You can see the “big” Willow in the background. It is down by the pond and still green, but not too many leaves are left on it. Yes, the pond is super low. It was this low back 11 years ago. They following spring is when we had to hold down the pier. Fingers crossed this happens again!!

Hamscher Homestead

First a trip to the building supply for all the wood and drywall. Joe was securing all the goodies.

The drywall and insulation has been removed… Sizing has been figured and then outside. Removed the siding. Now a peak at what we will be seeing VERY soon!! Dad just a note for you… yes we have a permit. The inspector came and said not bad for a youngster…. hahaha.

The rough opening, and Joe was sure to seal up all the slits and holes. And YEAH the window fit like glove!! Doing all the things and then putting all the siding back in place. Now to complete the inside.

I kinda added a wrench in the works after the siding went back on. Asked Joe if it would be a good idea to add an outlet outside. He agreed and back to get those supplies.

Hamscher Homestead

And this was how things ended today…. just a touch heavy on the spray foam. But that is how Joe rolls!! Dad this photo was just for you!!

The clean and ready for winter!! The girls are super excited for this nice weather. And you bet I took advantage and caught a few chicks and snapped a few pictures. There are a bunch of new chicks and everyone is getting along pretty well.

Whole lot of Homestead

Sunday I really took the day off. Which called for an adventure!! Starting with food of course!! The best part is you never know where we are going to end up.

This was a long one… Sorry, but fun to see I hope. I love that you check in. I sure hope that you enjoy these little peaks at the Hamscher Homestead.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

November Paper Pumpkin
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  • Paula Poindexter

    Soft Seafoam is my choice!
    The lighter the better I always say!

    Window is shaping up well!

    You look good with chickens!

    • Whispers In Ink

      I put in your vote. Thank you!
      They sure are fun… These new chicks are running around like crazies!!

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