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While I was gone the kitties were lonely.

While I was gone

While I was gone

While I was gone the kitties were lonely. Well, Joe was home. Apparently though Mr Bigglesworth missed me he has been at my side and in the studio with me, all day!! He was sound asleep. Dropped a few things on the floor and he did not budge!! The “twins”, I feel silly calling them kittens, had to smell everything that I pulled from a bag.

When I arrived home late last night. I was for sure not up to putting everything away. The back seat area of the truck was full. No room, well, I guess I could have stacked some bags.

Earlier in the week I was able to catch Junior in the Treehouse. This was the first time, I think, that I could get a photo of that. I like to see him up there. It really is much easier to see around the porch. Remember that was a favorite place for Cuddles. When I arrived home even Junior was happy to see me. He sat in the chair waiting patiently for me to bring dinner.

While I was gone

Lastly, This lady. She was able to attend the event on Saturday. She is my friend and Inky Whisper Sister. We had so much fun stamping and learning together. I look forward to next time. So in case you did not hear, I was gone for four days to help a friend and fellow demonstrator with a Demonstrator Only event. Ohh so fun.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

January Ding Dong Ditch

Check in on the Wednesday night class live to get a peek at one of the samples… Get all the information here.


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