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Wet week on the Homestead, Still getting things done

Wet week on the Homestead

Wet week on the Homestead

What a crazy and Wet week on the Homestead. Starting off with this strange find. Joe found this while trying to move around some “soil”, okay it is sand, but it is what I have. This is along our neighbors fence. Look at those beautiful yellow flowers. Yes, it is prickly, but still pretty.

Okay so the cactus may not be your cup of tea, that is okay.. Here are few other flowers that are blooming. Lots of petunias. However the gladiolas started to show up. No flower just yet, but will have some before you know it!! They are in the right and left photo. Also in the right photo is a soon to be BIG sunflower.

All this humidity is good for something!!

The center is one of my favorite annuals, Strawflower. I have had them in Yellow, White last year I had red. I have seeds that have just sprouted. Those are a mix of colors. Looking forward to those blooms in the fall for sure!! Do you have a favorite annual??

Mid Week break…

I was even able to take a mid week break. With the cooler temps I for sure wanted to take advantage and get out to get rid of more weeds!! Most of what was left in this bed was grass. Although we need grass, haha, not in my flower beds. Happy to report that I did rescue some Speedwell from an impending doom. I was just going to shovel out the grass. Glad that I did not. Found a super nice clump of it buried in the grass! WoooHOOO!!

Wet week on the Homestead

While doing some more rescue work on Sunday I found this. Any idea what it is?? Well, it is fruit. Kinda, is is from the Black Walnut tree. We have two. I do believe this is the first year that we have “fruit”. Kinda excited I know there is a huge long process to get the walnuts but we will see.

Wet week on the Homestead

I bet you did it… Awww, right?? These two are getting super big. They are 15 weeks old. Do you believe it?? They were enjoying listening to the Jenny Wren and feeling the breeze. It was sure nice to have the windows open for a minute. Yes, that is the hill that Joe was working on in the background.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my crazy homestead life. I really do love sharing them with you.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

End of week Catch-up

Reminder that there are bundles that are available in the annual and there are some that are not. If they are on you wish list… Get them in before the 30th! Link!!

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