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Weekend full of LOTS of plants and green!!

Weekend full of LOTS of plants

Only one photo today… because there are sooo many things to share… it is going to need to be a two parter. The Weekend full of plants and green. So here is the breakdown…. Pulled all the weeds in the Memorial Garden. Yes, ALL of them. Plus I put down the mulch. 54 bags in total. That was over three days.

Next up was annuals. Guys I plant lots!! So far this weekend I planted 47 different pots. Some have one several have multiples. Those are for the deck, chicken coop garden and the deck. I still have 14 more to go. Plus I need to build two more planters. I finally decided what I wanted to do on the ends of the Memorial garden. More on that soon. There are several annuals needs for those two “planters”.

Also this week I started a rework of the garden bed off the deck. I am tired of not being able to see the bricks. That is waiting completion for a couple tools. Yes, you will see that soon too.

Not much fun this weekend, for some. but I was very much in my happy place!! I love getting my hands in the dirt.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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