Hamscher Homestead

Week in review..7/15

Starting on Thurday Joe is on his long weekend. Yup, we are off for some shenanigans. But that was only after a class on Tuesday with the lovely Culver ladies. And just too much heat. uugghh a couple of days that were nice, then back at it.

So, Gabby and I decided to watch some chick flicks.

We even had a chocolate chip cookie or two.

Ohhh and of course I had a coffee with my snack.

Poor Joe was hoping to cut the grass, but this heat just wont let up enough. So else have we been doing?? Well, I have been working on stuff for the BOGO sale on July 20 and Joe has been down in the pond staying cool and finding some fun treasures?? well, kinda….

Our pond is dug by Joe but he has located several natural springs… he has to clear out the pipes now and a again… this is what he found while doing so.

The fish and turtles have been keep tabs on him too…

Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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