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Weeds Flowers Weeds and treasures on the homestead.

Weeds Flowers Weeds and treasures

Weeds Flowers Weeds and treasures

Starting not with Weeds Flowers Weeds and treasures. I wanted to start with this beauty. Here is my Rose of Sharon “bush”. Which is more like a tree, but still. You can see this this photo that there is still TONS of blooms still to come. I have a purple-ish one, however, I think I need to move it. It really is not happy where it is. With all the new trees in the Memorial Garden I think I will put all of those up on the Hill on the north side of the property. That hill needs a summer bloomer. It is where my creeping phlox and Iris’ are now. There are some Tiger Lilies there but they are not happy either. I think it is because I forgot to fertilize up there all year last year.

New Year and much to do!!

Weeds Flowers Weeds and treasures

You guys I am kinda embarrassed to share this photo. This is over by the chicken coop. Bad, right?? Well I am keeping it real for this one… Yes, its bad! To be honest it really did not take that look to get it to look like this…

Much MUCH better, I would say … I found lots of new flowers. However, I also found Poison Ivy. I love this new app that I found. It can ID pretty much anything. Even this… Yes, it was evicted, yes, I handled it with care. I think that I did win this one. Time will tell for sure. No itching, knock on wood!!

Finally it is done…. Can you believe it… I worked until my fingers were GONE. My one hand was very sore, but it is all done. I hate to say even with how careful I have been trying to be to pull out the grass roots and all. There is already grass where White Sox was just buried.

UGGHH. That will have to be done for a third time.

Here are two treasures. Poor St. Francis was found half buried in the dirt completely surrounded by tall grass This once lived at my Mom’s house. I was super happy to find it! Now it is sitting on a stone. With hopes that he will not fall over again. I forget to add the photos of Cuddle helping me pull weeds on Sunday. Ohh it was soo funny!! However, the near attach on this beautiful Monarch I would not tolerate. Sorry Cuddles, NO BUTTERFLIES for you!

Lastly, this Susan G Comen Lily is HUGE. Yes, it is up to my shoulder. I have had it for many years. It fell over in the rain a few day ago and I was able to brace it up. Dang it really is pretty.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

August Paper Pumpkin Peek

I love how hope can be found EVERYWHERE!! Get your box by joining me enjoy Paper Pumpkin!!


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