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Weather planting and kitty updates Helpers?

Weather planting and kitty updates

Two Saturdays of crazy weather here… Weather planing and kitty update or helpers?? Yes, we finally have enough snow to cover the brown grass. We have had some CRAZY wind to go along with the snow. However, I could have done without the below zero temps. The chickens especially were not happy being ‘cooped’ up. Why?? Well, when the regular temperatures go below zero I lock up the poor chickens in the coop. The wind chills were in the -20’s and lower. I have had chickens with frost bite before, not good!

My new violet apparently likes it’s new home. I took the photo on the left earlier in the week. I now have two full blooms. Look how beautiful that bloom is!! Yes, the leaves are supposed to look like that. I spent some time cleaning up my seed starting area and did a bunch of repotting too. Including this new little grouping of succulents. I have also moved a few back up to the kitchen window sill. The kittens are leaving the two plants alone so far… fingers crossed.

Lastly, kitties of course. Henry on the left, ‘helping’ me organize in the craft room. Cuddles in the middle protecting the house from all the crazy birds. However, she is not the only one. They love that Joe brought up the ledge for the slider. It is a lift that he build to be able to see out the kitchen slider from the cat beds.

Butterfly, on the right. Finally the last kitty to get fixed. For now everyone is spayed or neutered. Phew, I was thankful for a quick appointment and to have this done. Did I mention that we fixed 6 animals in the last year. No, I do not need anymore kitties. I am grateful for our critters and know that this helps them live healthier and happier lives.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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