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We need Best Friends a few reason to find a few…

We need Best Friends

We need Best Friends

I know I do, We need Best Friends. Love the reasons here and I just add a few here. I am super lucky that I have several. Some are part of my Stamping Family and some just like me for me. No matter how we met, I appreciate them all!! Really, all of them. I have laughed with them. Yes, even cried with them more then once. Cheered for them. And have even pushed a few to try something new.

My friends know not to ask my opinion unless they REALLY want it. I will help them see both side of things. Also, I will help them to see they are much stronger then they think. They have done this for me too.

Although we are not all strong at the same time, someone usually is. Believe me that is all it takes. Please know that I love you all and think of you everyday!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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