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Warning all the Garden information on the Homestead

Warning all the Garden information

Warning all the Garden information

This week I have a Warning all the Garden information is here… My world came to a HALT when I saw this! Yes, this is poison ivy and with all the reaction that I had the last two years I did a quick pivot. So I went in a different direction. I was able to get two flower beds clean out this last week. Which I am super SUPER excited about…

Here is the what the finished products look like. I still have annuals to plant, however, the weeds are getting my attention first. The one with the white chair is all shade. So in that garden you see Hostas, two different types. There are also Heuchera also known as Coral Bells with three different colors on that one.

The second garden is over by the chicken coop. That one is full of Columbine and has a HUGE Peony under that ladder. There are also two different colors of Iris in this bed. Which are in bloom right now.

Lastly, the veggie garden. We have all the watering system figured out, thankfully. So today was all about doing the planting. I planted 17 tomato plants, 12 sweet potatoes, and flower seeds. Lots of those. Check out those beans in the middle. They are getting big!

Plus, I am happy to report that the potatoes are popping through the dirt. And the Onions are looking bigger to me. I am looking forward to see what goes on this week! Check back!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Warning all the Garden information

I so enjoyed having lunch with these two ladies!!

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  • Paula Poindexter

    Your gardens are looking great!!!
    Am hoping you might occasionally share a tomato or 3 this year. Did you plant any low acid ones by any chance?
    I had loads of fun with you and Debra the other day!

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