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Warmer weather, growth, weeds and a baby…

With the last bit of warmer weather, the pine trees experienced a POP of new growth color. However, the oak trees did not want to disappoint either… Holy Cow, the street is well shaded now!

I did forget to share this… it has been two weeks now since the dump truck came and delivered our first round of gravel. Now the area up by the house is stable and ready for all to drive on. We have several more deliveries to make before the whole driveway is done. And it is my understanding that the next one could come this month.. we will see?? I am happy for this one. It is much nicer with the rain to have this gravel!

Joe, let the chickens run loose while he “piled” the sand back inside the chicken pen. Though I really did not want their help with the weeds. I sure got it! They dug up that whole corner of the garden… and I do not think you can tell, but there are at least 5 in that picture on the right.


Goodness only knows what else they dug up!!

Here is a treasure that I found while working on weeds with the chickens. Yes, daisy stones… they used to be at my parents house, but when they moved… they came to the homestead. Always brings a smile and maybe a tear… Miss you Mom and Dad!!

I want to start at the beginning of this one… Sunday..

While watering some of the new flowers and seeds, I heard a cry. But one I had not heard before… Heard it again. turned and saw something stumble. Then one more time… and this little cutie was making it’s way to the pond. That was at around 2. Not one more peep out of it for the rest of the day… and you know that I did check on it. The picture on the right was taken at 630pm. Still down by the pond but feeling safe and well hydrated.

So much cuteness!!

Yes, I did check on Monday morning and it was gone. Fingers crossed mom did not ground it from leaving it’s other safe spot.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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