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Warmer Weather Daffodils and no kittens yet.

hamscher homestead

Warmer Weather Daffodils and no kittens

I know things are heating up when we have to “cut open” the slider. The Homestead is getting Warmer Weather Daffodils and no kittens, YET!! Guys out house is 23 years old. This slider in the kitchen is DONE!! We have needed to replace it for two years?? To get us through the winter Joe caulked the slider shut. He told me that he was cutting the caulk on Sunday and I was soo excited!! Thankful for the warmer weather and cool breeze through the door!!

The front walking path is looking very spring like this week too. All these happy Daffodils are greating all that stop by. I was super excited on my Sunday morning walk when I saw this cream and yellow daffodil. This is the beginning of round two. What?? Each phase of the daffodils has different colors. So round one, all yellow. Here is the first of round two and you will have to wait to see round three. Let me just say that being able to see all of these from the back and front windows just makes me happy!!

Curious about that last photo. Yeah me too. I do not recall planting these. Not only are there squalls but there are also grape hyacinths. Nope did not plant those either. Although will all the 1050 bulbs that I planted maybe I forgot?? However, if a few birds brought them… I am very grateful!!

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Lastly, as of the typing of this post… we have no kittens. Yes, I should add YET!! I will be sure to share right away. I sure was thinking this last weekend. Now though who knows!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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Clues start to drop on Wednesday, Are you brave enough??


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