Visits Presents fluffy and a Car all on the homestead.

Visits Presents fluffy and a car.

As always a lot going on with visits presents fluffy and a car?? All this in just one week… see lots going on. Starting off with a visit from my parents. I really had a lot of fun with Mom going flower shopping. Dad too of course! Wink wink.

This HUGE stack is all from Joe. Can you believe all the presents?!? Do not look too closely at the wrapping paper though… haha made you look! Keep in mind Joe’s sassy humor!

Here is what was in those boxes. All these lanterns for outside! I am soo excited! Girls fire pit night is getting put on the calendar this week. My canopy is supposed to arrive today, fingers crossed!

This is a photo from last week, but she really does love these two. They do not all fit on the cat condo anymore. I decided that they are old enough for collars now. Love listening to all the running jungles.

Lastly, there is a completed vehicle in the drive. Holy cow do you believe it? I am soo excited to have my truck back!! The last things that needed to be done had to wait until Monday, renewal of plates and taking out is insurance storage.

I am free once again.

Free to roam and have shenanigans any day of the week! WoooHooo. I can not wait to see what my first adventure is going to be!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

I almost forgot this BEAUTIFUL crabapple is blooming. ENJOY!

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