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Visitors Snow and even more Visitors

Visitors Snow and even more Visitors

What a super fun week I had!! Friends were off of work and decided to come for a visit. Plus even more with Visitors Snow and even more Visitors. Kendras visit started off my week. Holy Cow she surprised me. We had talked and figured some time during the week. However, the 830 am phone call saying she was on her way was even more awesome. We talked crafting, gardening and of course all sorts of other things. I was so happy to have her. I can not wait until next time!!

We had a light dusting of snow on Sunday. And trust me SOOO much more. I love how the back forty looks after a wet snow. It sticks to all the limbs on the Oak trees. It really looks magical.

Here are a few more visitors. The one on the left is a Giant Blue Heron. It was here for a couple days. Not sure if it was migrating or just stopping by for a new spot to hang out for the day.

The photo on the left however, HOLY CRAP!! Guys remember in January of 2023 we had a Bald Eagle at the pond?? We it came back. Or another decided to stop by. Who know which. Poor Joe was not home this time. But this stuff NEVER gets old. It flew around the pond a couple times. Landed in this tree for about 20-30 ish minutes and swooped down to the pond and off to the Oak trees. Came round again swooped and caught a fish. Yes, I saw it all and will cherish the memory! Fingers crossed it comes back again while Joe is home.

Another visitor, Nancy. She came to spend the night on Friday. We also worked (crafted), talked and cooked together. However, the kitties are always a distraction. Violet did not want Nancy to put her down. They both look pretty happy.

And then there was Henry. He also wanted to help fix dinner. Nancy took this photo and shared it with both Joe and I. He is soo stinkin’ Cute!! No matter how naughty, the head tilt gets me every time!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Last day Wednesday, to get in on the Jan-April Mini Catalog Shares!!

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