Hamscher Homestead

Visiting Snow and Building a new cat house.

Visiting Snow and Building

Visiting Snow and Building

Visiting, Snow and Building a new cat house before the BITTER cold. First, a visit with Mom and Dad was a must. I have not been out there since Mom’s Birthday over a month ago. It is funny actually mom always talks how much fun it would be to work for me. Yup, until I put her to work. No I am not a slave driver. I know that she gets overwhelmed and anxious. However, she is very engaged.

I miss seeing you more, Mom!

More work to bring out next time Mom!! I sure hop you are ready?? I have a big surprise planned for my customers. Yes, I will need your help. Dad be sure to tell her!

Visiting Snow and Building

I was talking chickens with a good friend this weekend. We decided to order some chicks. Yes, real baby chicks. So I needed to find my metal tub because they will be here in 3 weeks. SQUEEE!!

Can you see the tub??

No this is not where is waldo, but … I was all worried that I could not get to it in time. Thankful that I do not have to go “hiking” in the snow. Remember all the babies from last year?? Check this post. I know it is early, but it was either now or June… We did NOT want to wait!!

Can you believe… Joe decided that with the pending double digit negative temperatures that a new house was a must… right now!! And to be honest the make shift thing that was out there was not going to work. This new house has a very similar set up as the condemned residence, but this one has a stronger roof and is of course insulated. Seriously!! Here is the bonus. This one can be taken apart in the spring and stored until winter comes again.

Here is the promise…

There is not another pair of kitties with a house any better then this one. Now just to get them to go inside of it.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Kitties from the Homestead

Happy they have been reunited and are spending more time together.

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