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Updates Gabby, kitchen, and the outside kitty.

Updates Gabby, Kitchen too.

Fingers crossed that this update is a GREAT sign. It started with kitten milk. The vet said she can eat anything and I have been been trying a LOT of different things. Finally found a couple things. But the key I think has been the kitten milk. She was not sure about it at first, but now she is hooked. Hopefully this is a upswing! Did you miss the beginning?? Check here. More updates Gabby, and Kitchen.

Kitchen is next…

Adding more Red, White and Blue to the wall. Guys, shhhh, I have more stuff still!! I am just loving how it all came together. I did have to shuffle things a few times to get what I wanted. Dahh-Duh!! Do you see the cardboard square closer to the fridge?? We are looking at putting the little sink there. Just for ease of use and bonus is then I get the ice maker hooked up too! WoooHOOOO!

The lights are going to be over the coffee bar. Joe is going to do a temporary set up to see if we want two or three over there. Needless to say, we got our original light fixture was like three years ago. I was happy to get the SAME ones … WINNER!! I did purchase four… I will either have one or two extras. That is a bonus too!!!

Updates Gabby kitchen

I wanted to add a little about Junior. Ohhh, is he a talker. I have been trying to work with him this last week. I can now sit on the bench while he quickly eats his breakfast. He has been doing it the last few days with Joe too. This is good progress!! I really would like to get him to the vet before the bad weather.

There was more but no more photos. I have more fun projects planned too!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Updates Gabby kitchen

I was trying to ready for my live and she was not having it!! Penelope #snoopervisor!!

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