Hamscher Homestead

Update and Shenanigans on the Homestead this week.

Update and Shenanigans on the Homestead

Update and Shenanigans on the Homestead

Here is the next Update and Shenanigans on the Homestead. This time I finally finished the last of the seeds I had on hand. Believe it or not I ran out of flower boxes. I even went looking for me. Found zero!! Geez, I was disappointed. ANYWAY, 30 more different seeds planted. Phew, soo many possiblities!!

Not to be outdone by the above, Soo many new sprouts up this last week. The humidity sure does help out. Have to admit it was tough keeping the seeds moist on the super hot days though. I know the first photo is coneflowers.. I do not recall what the others are. No matter is really is super exciting, RIGHT??

Update and Shenanigans on the Homestead

When we go on adventures we always look for lakes to check out. Yes, we are still looking for a place to maybe be a second home. This was a lake we came across driving around. It is in northern Indiana call Smalley Lake. I nice little lake, but not sure it is big enough for what we want. Needless to say… the search continues.


Have you tred brats in your air fryer?? Ohhh I love them. Especially on days when it is raining or toooo dang hot to BBQ. Yup, too hot. Had brats, salad and chips for supper!! Love a quick dinner. I bet you agree??

Update and Shenanigans on the Homestead

No, he is poor. Yes, he is that long. Mr. B (Bigglesworth) was sound asleep in the Flutter by Studio. You know I had to take a photo.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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