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Twila and 3D Thursday Gum or Gift Card

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Twila and 3D Thursday Gum

Happy Thursday everyone… Today Twila and 3D Thursday Gum or Gift Card holder. Which would you use it for?? I am thinking both?? Maybe? I like this idea because it really could be used for so many things.. ENJOY!!!

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Do you see what I mean?? I think I am going to use these for Graduation gift card holders. Decorate them with what that person likes. It can be ANY color and ANY paper. I think that you could do a couple different kinds of closures too. This one the flower seals it. However, you could use Velcro or even a Magnet depending on how you decorate it. What do you think??

Inside view

I also had to laugh because I do not remember the last time I had gum. Which I am sure is strange, however, I liked the sound of the gum flavor. I think that is why I wondered. Yes, a TOTALLY random thought.

I look forward to putting thing one together. I can also see making these for craft fairs and even office gifts. How about you??

Fathers Day is covered

Final Days to get your box. I would love for you to join me for my next live on YouTube, Wednesday May 8.

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