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Tuesday Edition of Coffee and Cards

Thank You for joining me today!

How surprised were you this morning?? Happy to get my text message?? I sure hope so! With the uncertainty going on, I hope that a small creative outlet helped you today!! Additionally thank you for helping me chip away at my bits and pieces container. DANG!!

Surprised?? You know how it is, once you get started. Ohhh, the ideas I had… Nine in total. The cards in the top picture were entirely of scrap pieces, with only ONE exception. The vellum under the butterflies. OHHH you know I love to break the rules!

How about a couple close ups..

Why did I save these left overs?? I have NOOOO idea. My best guess is because there were so many, 6 in total. Where did they come from?? I think they were left over from my swap in Orlando. YIKES, but more importantly, how can we use them! A simple abstract pattern?? Adding a happy sentiment for the win!

Lastly, this old Memories and More card. RETIRED! Similarly other bits and pieces are too. I was trying to figure out how to use this flower. I wouldn’t use a glue dot, just too big.

Hummm, ohhh I wonder…. YES!!

I slipped the burlap ends through the center and tied my bow. And yes, it will stay, in part because the “ribbon” is stiff. Additionally the bow was tied with bigger loops.

Still more work to do to get this container where I would like. Check back later this week! I have couple more ideas. Now to address envies and get them written in!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

10 new items added!
Join me Thursday for our first look at this amazing kit!


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