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Trouble Kittens Chickens and Flowers of course.

Trouble Kittens Chickens and Flowers

Yup, we are going to start with the trouble!! However, there has been a bunch of things going on this week, Trouble Kittens Chickens and Flowers of course!! Anyway, This is what I woke up to… it was a succulent massacre. Ohhh, I was not happy. As you could guess. That was when the water bottle was brought back upstairs. Wait there is more….

Almost everything on the window ledge was knocked over and some was even found on the floor. i was able to save most of the poor plants. However, as you can see there are many MANY pieces. I will be doing starts with all of those and finger crossed recover what was lost. Even my branches that I was trying to grow – Devastated!! The mess was incredible too. Dirt was literally EVERYWHERE!!

Yes, this was one of the monsters involved. I have moved and removed almost all of the plants because this was not a one time occurrence this week. I was woken up to crashing dishes the next morning and let me just say that they did NOT need a bath after that!!

Moving on to a happier situation. I went to Costco and was able to pick up some amazing fruit, mangoes, strawberries and pineapple. And that means the chickens get some great snacks. After cutting it all up I put the scraps in the freezer. Joe’s great idea!! They very much enjoyed the ‘popsicle’ scraps. Did you know that chickens love all these rinds and all that was let was the seeds from the mango??

No, the first and last photo are not the same kind of plant. The first is a volunteer Rose of Sharon that is in the Memorial garden. I was super excited because I have been wanting this color!! Thank you Birds for bringing me one!! The middle photo is also in the Memorial garden. This Heliopolis has been blooming for weeks!! I was talking with Judy, my flower loving neighbor and I think I am going to attempt to divide this plant. Fingers crossed!!

Last photo here is the Hibiscus that is at the beginning of the walking path to the house. Yes, that is my hand… and yes the flowers are HUGE!! And amazing too!!

Lots more for you next week!! I have decided to rework a flower bed and can not wait to share!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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  • Paula

    Tisk! Tisk! Tisk Violet, Wayne and Henry….you’ve gone and done it now!!! That big bad water bottle is not fun at all.
    Your gardens always make me smile this time of year.

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