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Trees Porch Flower planting and more!!

Trees Porch Flower planting

I know it is touch to see, however on the top of the Willow tree is our Green Heron. So, happy to see!! This week has been all about Trees Porch Flower planting. With Mother’s Day on Sunday especially!! So let me take a minute to talk about this Heron first. I think it is the fourth year of having one. Last year and the year before we had babies too. Fingers crossed again this year too!

Here is more exciting news, both of our Apple trees, Red Delicious and Cartland have little baby apples!! I was not sure with the crazy changes in weather. The last photo is from an Oak tree. We have a ton here on the Homestead and they are just starting to get leaves. I love this photo too. The color is really amazing.

Here is where the flowers begin. And you know that I have not even begun. Starting off with the purchasing of these. As you can see in the top left photo… I have started with a beautiful collection of purples, yellows, oranges and reds. Even the amazing hanging baskets. I want to share that I am happily supporting my local 4H groups too. Dontcha love supporting the kids?? Purchasing bridal veil hanging baskets and geraniums!! Ohhh my!

Plus you will see on the lower left a small little crafty project. I found that cute little bird house at a local resale shop. OHHH, yeah that pitcher in the middle done too. Those were for my friend who tells everyone that she has adopted Joe and I as her honorary kids. Lastly in this group are the flowers for my sisters-in-laws. I will be tending to these until my next trip to Illinois.

Although not to toot my own horn, I am loving this new wall decor. Some old, some repurposed and some from a couple different resale shops. However, I think my favorite part of this is the butterfly on the right. I had the wings and it used to be in the craft room. It needed a “body” and I was going to purchase a spindle for it. But with a bit of thought and plenty of sticks in the yard. I cut one from the perfect stick in my pile. Nailed it on and hung this cutie up!! What do you think??

Finally, Butterfly. She found this top that has been hanging from the tree climber this week. She loves it. I do love seeing her act like a kitten. She is such a good Mom too. Very dedicated to those three little monsters!! So happy to have made her life easier.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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