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Toys for Tots benefits with YOUR Purchase!

Toys for Tots benefits

I am excited to share this information today!
I am loving the ‘A Walk in the Forest” DSP. I feel that I need to share a bit more information….

Get comfy for a minute…
My son at the young age of 17 made a very adult decision. He decided that he wanted to serve in our military. We went to thr recruiters office and I fought!! Trust me I was tough on this kid of mine AND the recruiter to make sure there were no empty promises.
Trevor, my son, promised to talk with at least 4 guys that I worked with, Police officers and friends. And he did. They were straight with him and his questions.
It was not much later, after he turned 18, the papers to become a Marine, were signed.
Yes, Marine….
So when I say that Toys for Tots is close to my heart, I am telling you that the Marines do amazing things to help out kids, locally. I am grateful that the money for this DSP is going to an AMAZINGLY Great cause.
I will be doing a special offer later this month involving this DSP… I hope that you can find it in your heart to participate in purchasing this DSP.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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