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Tomatoes, Chicks and Babies have arrived.

tomatoes, chicks and babies

Fresh from the Garden.

Gotta love all the new stuff going on around here… Tomatoes, Chicks and Babies to just name a few. So dinner the other night was just soo good! Tomatoes from the Garden … yes, they were still warm. A quick rinse, some salt and pepper paired with some cold tuna casserole. Perfect for a summer evening dinner. Mom used to put peas and cheese in it, when we were kids. How about you?? More tomato good dinners to come. I am super excited too!!

tomatoes, chicks and babies

Tomatoes, on to Chicks and then Babies.

This is the one that was getting picked on in the chicken pen. Apparently hanging out with mom is not such a bad thing. They were all out running around tonight. The two that hatched together pretty much stick together.

hangin out in the yard

They sure did a ton of chattering when they were checking out the bugs!!

Yes, everyone did get a chance to enjoy the watermelon and musk melon rids that Paula shared. This is one of the favorite snacks. psstt, they love pumpkins too!

Remember a few weeks back I shared that LuLu was setting on eggs?? Went out to the coop to gather eggs tonight and much to my surprise … Peepers!! Two new babies already… I had my calendar marked for Wednesday. hummm, they also to my surprise, I think they are twins!! only found one empty egg. LuLu still has 4 more eggs that I marked from the beginning. Let the excitement begin, right?? So now she has been relocated with all the eggs and new babies to her temporary home. Under the coop. Fingers crossed for 4 more babies!!

Yes, I will keep you posted!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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