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Today is the P.I.T.A.’s birthday, Trevor hope it great!!

Today is the P.I.T.A.'s birthday

Today is the P.I.T.A.’s birthday

There he is, I had to dig back to last year for a photo, Today is the P.I.T.A.’s birthday! Trevor I do hope that you have a GREAT day. I bet that those that have not call you a P.I.T.A. are wondering what it means. Well, Pain In The, and I will leave the last word out, which I know you can fill in. Today he turned 32. man I am kinda feeling old.

I know he went to visit my parents yesterday, I saw him when I was out at my parents a couple weeks ago. I know Mom enjoyed spending time with him then too.

Today is the P.I.T.A.'s birthday

Here is the only other thing I have to share this week. Sad right?? It has been a crazy busy week. Doing all sorts of planning. Donnie was listening to a bluejay out on the railing of our front porch. It was fun to watch, I do think that the bluejay was being especially sassy on the railing too. No matter though, Donnie was guarding the window and me.

Soo, are you curious what I am planning?? Do you have a guess?? I bet that you do!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

March Ding Dong Ditch 2022

Final Days to get your kit!!

Butterfly Birthday Bash 2022

Final Days to take advantage of the early bird special!!


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