Craft Room,  Hamscher Homestead

Today I did some cleaning…

Do you have a Tree that is refusing to let go?? Both of the homestead Cleveland Pears still have all the leaves on them. The birds are happy for the shelter. Several of the oak trees too.

The third Thursday of each month is Team meeting night. Apparently this black and white kitty wants to join the team! What do you thing team?? Should it become an Inky Whisper Sister??

Under this rack it has been driving me CRAZY!! (short trip, but..) See the mess, picture all the way to the left. CRAZY!! While shopping with Kaitlyn a couple weeks ago. I found this 6 cubbie shelf. I have to tell you that it fit just perfect. BUT see the edging/skirt with the leaves?? It was NOT happening. what to do what to do…. yeah I had to tear the bottom off. uugghh!!

Not really it was just screwed in to the legs, but all the stuff had to be taken off. including each tile piece (36 pieces) and not broken in the process. Flipped on its side, removed the bottom shelf piece, shimmed the cubbie in and attached the piece again.

I then, PURGED… all the stuff that is not needed! Most of what was down there is Fair stuff. And that just needed to be organized! Really, things just needed a home.

Much more ZEN!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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