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This That and the Next BIG thing.

This That and the Next

This That and the Next

So last Tuesday I had a visitor. Logan is a 6 year old, very busy boy. And no I do not expect anything less. He and I did a bunch of this, that and the next. This “little” is home schooled and was on Fall Break. How lucky am I get have him visit? Super lucky, because we made all kinds of fun stuff. Chicken and potatoes for dinner, Chocolate Chip cookies and Wednesday morning we made Apple Coffee Cake.

This That and the Next

Let me just add he is a super helper!! Cleaned as he went along and everything. And yes, of course we did enjoy the spoils of all that cooking!!


Logan, I sure hope that you had as much fun as I did. I look forward to your next visit. We have lots of “work” to do!! hugs.

This That and the Next

I am really enjoying each and every time that I come up to the front door. The Mums welcome each visitor with cheer. Yes, it does help that things got cleaned up too. Thank you to the hubby for a quick trip to the garbage pile.

The inside decorating is on hold. Which makes me sad. However, with the kitchen remodel that will not happen anytime soon.

This That and the Next

Progress is being made with Junior. Remember this post?? He will now “sit” with me for breakfast. Sure wish this would have happened a few months ago. Although, his time table is much different then mine. Besides, progress is always good. We have moved to by my feet up to the bench. Yes, with me sitting there enjoying my coffee. He and I chat. He tells me all about what happened the night before and even the weather. Mostly about I am not dishing out the food fast enough. Get over it… that is my time table.

This That and the Next

This That and the Next BIG thing….

I would say that this is a BIG thing. Would you agree?? Joe is “making” our light fixture for the kitchen. I purchased this several years ago and apparently it was PERFECT!! I can not wait to see how it ends up. Yes it is an old metal tractor wheel. He made a custom mount for it. Trust me when I say that thing is NOT going anywhere.

I think that is probably enough… maybe too much, but that is how we roll.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Whispers In Ink Stamp Camp

A special Thank You to the ladies that came to Stamp Camp today! Hugs!!


  • Korine Anderson

    Logan had an amazing time spending the night with you. He is still talking about all the fun. He has told everyone about his night at your house.

  • Paula Poindexter

    Oh Logan is the cutest youngster! So glad the visit went so well. And such a good helper!
    Progress with Junior AND the kitchen may be slow but as long as it keeps moving forward it’s still progress!
    Stamp Camp was so much fun!
    Thanks and as always

    • Whispers In Ink

      He sure is a great helper!!
      Slow and steady is okay with me!!
      Always makes me happy when everyone has fun!!

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