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The one Christmas Candle interesting meaning…

The one Christmas Candle

The one Christmas Candle

Do you know the meaning behind The one Christmas Candle?? I knew part of it, but hoped to find the whole story. And yes, I sure did look it up. I knew that is was a way to help loved ones find the house. I also knew that it was also a sign of good news. Finally I also knew that it meant that someone was away.


I did not know that this goes all the way back to 1691 and Ireland. Yes, this peaked my interest because I am Irish. Are you ready?? Here is where things get interesting, at least to me. The British created several very strict and oppressive laws that even included religion. The Irish being Catholic were not allowed to even go to church. The priests were banished. Most went into hiding. Although they faced sever penalties or worse, they stayed.

The one Christmas Candle

Was used as a signal to the local priest they were welcome to join the family and even say mass in that house. The house would leave the back door unlocked so that they priest could enter quietly and leave just the same.

Another one I found interesting…

I did not know about this one either… It was used in Colonial times to offer refuge. The house was safe and offered food to travelers.

Lastly, and this one is my favorite. It was a beacon of hope. Hope that Mary and the saints would pass the house and bless all that are inside. This small and seemingly simple symbol of hope is something I truly needed to read about. Hope can be powerful and give strength to those that believe. And it really does not have to be religious. Think of the weary travelers and hope that that candle offered them in those uncertain times.

I hope that this One Christmas Candle offers a little hope to you. Will you now light a candle?? It does not even have to be a true candle, mine is really a light. I hope you had a great holiday.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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