In-Colors,  Love it, Chop it

The last Butterfly…

Have you been able to follow along?? Or have you missed Sunday’s Post or maybe yesterday’s post?? It has been a short tale of a die cut…

Filled with 5 butterflies…

The bottom three got to stay together…. (Sunday)

The top two were separated… each going to different places…

The top right… Yesterday’s

The last little butterfly…. really was ready to show off!!

She wanted to be sure that YOU had a beautiful day today!! To be sure that you knew, how loved you are!! Even with a few rough edges… You are beautiful! AND do not forget to shine!

Do not hide your sparkle, while letting the wind blow in your hair… Today is a new day, try something new! Rise to the top! With all the layers of life…

You are Strong!

Lastly, sit for a minute, catch your breath, and enjoy all that you see… no matter how far away it may seem today. You are one step closer then you were YESTERDAY!!

It IS a beautiful day!!…. getting Crafty!!


  • Paula Poindexter

    Love how you wasted nothing!
    Each flutterby found a beautiful home to shine in.
    Thanks for sharing your love of your craft and making me feel loved as well!

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