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Thank You for all the Birthday wishes, it was great!

Thank You for all the Birthday wishes

What a great day…. Thank You for all the Birthday wishes! Let me tell you all the Shenanigans I had today! Joe came home from working midnights and took me to breakfast. We sat and enjoyed french toast, coffee and my favorite waitress.

However, while on our way to breakfast I remembered that I needed to renew my drivers license. So after having some fun with my Pumpkin Whispers… a Paper Club ladies, that was next on my list. Out to the truck to do that and run back to Knox for my nail appointment, I needed a repair. I came home to chill for a bit and then off I went again.

Where you ask??

A wonderful friend Sherri, was up to some shenanigans. So off we went. It was not all fun we did have a bit of Butterfly Birthday Bash items to get at Costco. I will tell you guys, do not tell Joe, but I grabbed some Raspberry Shortbread cookies.

Then Sherri and I went to the stinky store. For you that might be new, that is Bath and Body Works. Yes, we did find some goodies. Lastly, was food. Cheers everyone.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Birthday Ordering Special

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