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    Sunday Inspiration from my Heart to yours

    Sunday Inspiration from my Heart I send hugs to you. This Sunday Inspiration from my Heart. I know that we all want to be SOMEBODY. I am guilty of this too. Keep this in mind, that you bringing a smile to someone else is an inspiration. There are times that I need to remind myself that bringing that smile is more important! More loving and I am somebody because of you. The smile that you bring to my face. The happiness and encouragement we given each other. That makes you SOMEBODY! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    My Poor Guardian Angel, she watches and sighs.

    My Poor Guardian Angel I saw this and had to share… My Poor Guardian Angel. I can honestly say that this is probably what goes on. The Shenanigans alone. The adventures that Joe and I go on. Adding in the crazy stuff I do on my own, of course, when no one is looking. haha. Is this true for you too?? I want to say that I really hope so!! Ohh, come on over and join me in some fun Shenanigans!! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    Back with Sunday Inspiration post for you..

    Back with Sunday Inspiration I wanted to bring this very important thing, Back with Sunday Inspiration. I think I need to share this with you guys! Not sure why, but I do!! However, I know it is important for at least ONE of us. Yes, even me. I get stuck sometimes, I know I am not alone, right?? I beat myself up just like you do. The feeling of not doing enough. Not getting enough accomplished. How about feeling your not a good mom?? Yup, been there several times!! I am here to tell you that someone is watching somewhere and they are INSPIRED by you too!! Trust me when…

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    Happiness choices, You decide. At least that is what I say.

    Happiness choices, You decide Okay, this is my way of thinking, Happiness choices, You decide. You can decide to be happy and work that way ALL day, everyday. You can decided that YOU have what it takes to accomplish what you want to accomplish. It really is a choice. The ohhhwooo is me will get you more sadness. I do not want to be that way. We all have tough days, but no pitty parties here. I choose happiness!! So, this is your Sunday reminder… Choose happiness today!! Sunshine is a choice. Choose to smile. No matter what!! That positiveness carries over to EVERYTHING!! Feel it everyday. Live it everyday.…

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    Inspire and Happy Sunday – End of Easter

    Inspire and Happy Sunday I love to Inspire and Happy Sunday, Happy Easter too. Inspiring is what I love to do. This not only reminded me about better things. But also reminded me about the one candle. In case you forgot check this post. I hope you had sweet dreams last night and all this week. A glimpse of magic in a memory or even an idea. There is still so much yet to be done and whispers of much love from me. Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    From February’s Team Meeting – Make n Take

    From February’s Team Meeting This card from February’s Team meeting was inspired by the card in the middle. I do love butterflies, shocker. However, that middle card is from a bazillion years ago. Okay, maybe not but close, really!! All of that product is sadly retired. Here is a question for you, do you keep cards to “C.A.S.E.” at a later date? I be you are wondering what CASE means, Copy And Selectively Edit. This fold was fun to figure out the first time. The second time was a piece of cake. No, it did not matter that it had been a bazillion years. It was all about the measurements…

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    We need Best Friends a few reason to find a few…

    We need Best Friends I know I do, We need Best Friends. Love the reasons here and I just add a few here. I am super lucky that I have several. Some are part of my Stamping Family and some just like me for me. No matter how we met, I appreciate them all!! Really, all of them. I have laughed with them. Yes, even cried with them more then once. Cheered for them. And have even pushed a few to try something new. My friends know not to ask my opinion unless they REALLY want it. I will help them see both side of things. Also, I will help…

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    Magnolia Lane, Hello Beautiful

    Where do you find inspiration?? Well, I know that I find it in strange places some times.. AND at weird times too! How about you?? I found the inspiration for this card in an antique store a few weeks ago. Joe and I were out on a date and like to stop in local shops. In other words… SHOPPING! This was in one of our usual stops … Just “hanging” out for me to see… Quick to snap a shot and then try to figure out HOW to pull this off… with a little help from a friend, this all came together. Thank you for your suggestion my friend! The…