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    Spent the day with Mom, always too short!

    Spent the Day with Mom Guys, I once again forgot to take a picture, shocker! However, I got to spend the day with Mom. I planted her Mother’s Day flowers and we putzed around, stopped at my sisters too. Finally we went to dinner and I am Thankful that the FIVE hour trip there was not repeated on the way home! I love seeing this smiling face! Time goes quickly and I look forward to the next visit! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    A trip to Illinois plus other fun stuff.

    A trip to Illinois Due to the vehicle “situation” a trip to Illinois calls for a vehicle rental. And if you saw my little post from yesterday… YES, I sure did enjoy the Ford Expedition with the panoramic sunroof!! However, though… so many buttons and weird things…. Like this… I know I am kinda old school, BUT what the what?? This should be illegal.. really!! No wonder no one knows how to drive stick shift either. ANYWAY, it got me to and from with out a single issue and was returned last night. I guess, back to no vehicle …. for now. It is always a good day when Mom…

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    This beautiful lady

    Joe and I decided to take a short trip to Illinois today. We were greeted by hugs and big smiles. Chatted pretty much all day, about nothing special. Spending time was the key. I was excited to tell mom (and dad) about all the cards and exciting stuff going on with Stampin’ Up! as well. An early dinner and more visiting. Remembering old houses and older neighbors. Then a drive back to Indiana. More adventures tomorrow.. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!