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    Nov 2019 OnStage Recap

    Here is how Saturday started… Found a table, set out the gifts for each of my Team. Yes, I made each item just for that person!! See the mini pizza box on the right?? Yup, I had a first OnStage attendee. That is where my team earns the “Inky Whisper Sisters” block. Yes, you have seen it… check the last project facebook live. Guess who sat here?? hahaha All registered and in our seats… Let’s get started!! Wish the WHOLE team was here! Fingers crossed next time! PRIZE PATROL!! We each received a second Stamp Set! All different and Paula’s was that she received two, and she had to make…

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    Pen Pals

    I was so excited and honored to receive this beautiful card. This is from Wendy, she lives in Australia. We met last year in Orlando, Florida. You guessed it through Stampin’ Up! It has been a year since I have seen her, but this is how we keep in touch. Thankful for my friend! I am especially thankful that Stampin’ Up has these amazing events to meet all of these WONDERFUL people in person. Social Media is awesome, and a great way to touch base. However, getting time to chat and craft together. AMAZING!! Want to find out more about what is going on this weekend?? Check Facebook and Instagram…