• Happy Birthday

    As promised, step three, Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday, Korine… Wanting to be sure not to go with the red, white and blue theme for this card. When you have a birthday around a holiday, I really try to make the card extra special. Now, some will say, what is the big deal. However, mom always told stories about her holiday birthday’s. She was getting gifts in Christmas wrappings, etc. So that is why I try to be aware of how that must feel. First, let us not miss that cute little slip, topped with ribbon. What would you use it for? I use mine to mark my calendar or even my book page. I know that…

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    Happy Birthday to the U.S.A.

    Celebrating with Family?? I hope that you had an amazing 4th of July. Poor Joe had to work, but I did enjoy some hot dogs and potato salad. Also enjoyed a few fireworks, thanks to my awesome neighbors. I also enjoyed spending time with you during this mornings facebook live. Which has also been added to youtube. Sorry everyone for the weird internet issues this morning… No idea. But thankful you could join in the crafty red, white and blue fun this morning. I wanted to share that there is more to just a tag, right!! Wait until you see tomorrows post… taking it just one step further. Hugs and…

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    Happy 4th of July to you and your family.

    Happy Birthday America! Sounds kinda funny saying Happy Birthday to a Country, but… That really is what today is all about. How as a new country “we” decided “we” wanted freedom from Tierney and Oppression. Those freedoms were as the result of many brave men and women. Freedoms that at times get taken for granted. As a Marine mom, I have a small understanding of the drive that it takes to be brave and go off to fight for those freedoms. The worry of a family when loved ones go on faith and belief that our country stands for Freedom. These freedoms that are still alive today, gratefully!! Hugs and…

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    From my Heart and Paper Pumpkin – Day 8

    Here is a where Paper Pumpkin meets some beautiful DSP! The stamps are done the Paper Pumpkin. Using the Stamparatus to be sure that the hearts all line up! Then add the Happy Valentine’s Day to the last one. The tag used the scalloped tag topper and triple punch. The DSP is different sizes 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch. Try the different pattern together to get the look that you like. Top it with twine, like this or use some ribbon. No Bling is necessary because the DSP has a foil look on one side. AND you can use this tag for a gift, flowers or even a pretty box!…

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    Heartfelt and Busy… Day 3

    What do you do with scraps?? Well, you make tags of course!! After doing some class cutting, the scraps were kinda piling up… YIKES!! I know mixing patterns is not for everyone, but With 1/2 inch, 3/4 and 1 inch strips… Pick your favorites, trim the bottoms and add some twine. This tag could be used for a card like this, duhh. Or just on a gift, flowers maybe?? Whatever you need it for. I hope you have an AMAZING week! Thank you for joining me today! Hug and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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    ~~NEW~~ Thoughtful Blooms for Qwick and WOW!

    So here is another new thing I want to do… and I hope you like it!! Every week I would like to share a short video… Qwick and WOW! That video will be the start of a project. Here on the blog is where you finish the project. And then check back later in the week for a second take on the video. The video is here. Here are a few photos to help! The “Bag” is in the Annual catalog! Scored on the 3 sealed sides at 1/2 inch. NOTE: these bags are on the thinner side… so do not score like cardstock! Not a lot of pressure needed.…

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    Treats with Night Before Christmas

    The Scalloped Tag Topper punch is perfect for “wrapping” treats. Have you tried it?? Using a strip of cardstock, punch both the top and bottom. You have a pretty top where you add a few pieces of DSP (Night Before Christmas- 150437) and DONE!! The truffle that I ended up putting inside did NOT want to stay put… I “created” a seat, if you will, for it. Scored all four sides and snipped one side (all four sides) to create the boxed seat. Ohh yeah and a circle die (Layering Circles-141705) in the middle. Dressed it up with a pretty bow (Cherry Cobbler Strip Ribbon-150439) and it is now ready…

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    Another Treat?

    Happy Easter!! These little treats have a chocolate candy inside and the butterfly is a sign of spring for everyone. These little cuties use the Scalloped Tag topper (133324) and your multi glue (110755). Making several of these, paper clips worked like a charm to secure the glue overnight. The Butterfly Gala Bundle (150599) was the final touch for this one. Using which ever butterfly set and color you would like. As you can see in this photo, the glue was not carried all the way to the bottom. The reason?? Ease of opening. due to them being glued flat it helped to keep the bottom open. How far did…