• Hamscher Homestead

    Updates Gabby, kitchen, and the outside kitty.

    Updates Gabby, Kitchen too. Fingers crossed that this update is a GREAT sign. It started with kitten milk. The vet said she can eat anything and I have been been trying a LOT of different things. Finally found a couple things. But the key I think has been the kitten milk. She was not sure about it at first, but now she is hooked. Hopefully this is a upswing! Did you miss the beginning?? Check here. More updates Gabby, and Kitchen. Kitchen is next… Adding more Red, White and Blue to the wall. Guys, shhhh, I have more stuff still!! I am just loving how it all came together. I…

  • Craft Room,  Hamscher Homestead

    Craft Room work and a poor sick kitty.

    I had some help from Logan today! We did a bunch of cleaning dusting and reorganizing! Logan’s Mom sat by and just supervised us… haha. Thank you guys for ALL your help today. I think it ended up pretty darn great!! Added to the BOGO pile, which is ALWAYS a good thing, right?? Still more to do, but I am exhausted! Besides… Gabby was not feeling very good again today… She wanted to snuggle tonight. SOOOO, I made a point of staying put to be sure that she got what she needed! I hope you don’t mind… Have a good night! Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

  • Hamscher Homestead

    A very sick little kitty and they grow so fast

    Happy he is home! I ended up taking White Sox to the emergency vet on Saturday night. Please someone explain why this happens on the weekends instead of during the week?? Anyway, due to a couple things on his blood work they decided to keep him for at least 12 hours. I just hate going home with no pet. The pets in the house freak out and get all depressed. And it has been about a year since the last time I came home empty handed. ugghh. Thankfully they checked his blood work again about noon on Sunday and it came back more normal. After doing a small cheer, I…