• Coffee and Cards

    Love you more than… Coffee or the new machine??

    Okay, Love you more than… It really is not something that I can really pick which… You know how I am with my coffee. However, this new Cut and Emboss machine is pretty darn amazing. The “sandwich” is pretty close to the old Stampin’ Up! machine too. I know that on Girl’s Night the girls did really like it. Please do not make me pick.. Did your grandma, mother or YOU have those plastic coffee cups that look like this one?? Mine sure did… It sure was a fun memory to remember. I took me a little bit to try and remember why the little “stars” has a memory. Once…

  • Stampin Up News/Deals

    The Stampin’ Cut & Emboss will be here FRIDAY!!

    Stampin’ Cut & Emboss Hummm, think I am a little excited about the Stampin’ Cut & Emboss?? maybe just a little BIIIITTTTT!! I know I spoke a little about it yesterday but the anticipation is just killing me!! I am just like a kid!! Heads up, Watch the page tomorrow because when it arrives I will post and give an hour notice. I will try and hold off the unboxing for only ONE HOUR. I will try and tag people if you send me a text in the morning so you can join me!! What Time?? I am not sure when it will be here… Maybe, could be, I think…

  • Stampin Up News/Deals

    Spend Bonus Days, Machine, and Share information.

    Bonus Days, Machine and Share… Did you earn Coupon codes?? You will want to be sure to use them. You will need to go back in your emails. I did NOT get them on your behalf and can NOT replace them. You can email them to me so that I can use them on your behalf. Each code that you have is worth $5. And trust me those darn thing ADD UP!! I sure hope you are as excited as I am about this up coming kit!! I was talking to some friends today and was reassuring them that WE collectively will surely come up with some SUPER fun idea.…